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Jan 23, 2011 03:11 PM

Best (and unique) appetizers to serve at a wine tasting?

Besides cheese, anyone have any good recs or recipes for appetizers to serve at a wine tasting?
Thanks for the help.

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  1. I do a few wine parties a year. Here are some of the items that have been big hits.

    Deviled eggs with chopped shrimp and a smidge chopped dill pickle is great with Reisling.

    Fondue is a always a hit with apples, bread cubes, veggies, potatoes etc. It can be expensive with all that Entemaller cheese, but everyone LOVES it.

    Keilbasa marinated for 2 hours and roasted in a red wine you are serving.

    Roasted small red poatoes, tossed in black olive tapenade, oilive oil and fresh lemon slices.

    Overnight marinated shrimp - I use ths recipe from Southern Living.

    This REALLY cheating, I know, but after trying these, I will never make homemade dolmas again. They are great finger foods for a tasting. I can sometimes use a respite from cooking EVERYTHING.

    7 Layer Greek Dip w party sized pitas (I used a recipe similar to this one.)

    Crostini with cream cheese mixed with sun dried tomatoes in oil, raw garlic, freshly minced and a mix of herbs.

    Crostinis can have everything.
    Buschetta - add some chopped hearts of palm for flair.
    Cream cheese with horseradish mixed in topped with thin cucumber, red onion and roast beef

    Anyway, I hope some of these help. I have been building my "finger food" collection for 10 years or so becuase theya re just so much easier for guests to enjoy when you ahve ahuseful of people.

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      Thanks. These look like some great ideas.

      1. re: pohtown

        Sure, my pleasure. I'll check my old files for more budget friendly ideas. Deviled eggs are so inexpensive and though they seem a little country - the shrimp dresses them up and people LOVE them!

    2. what varietals will you be tasting? is the food going to be eaten before, during or after? how many people? just finger food? how will it be served - buffet? passed apps? do you have a budget for ingredients?

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      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        Varietals are still to be determined. Likely will be a general American theme featuring under $20 bottles.
        The food will be served during. Regarding the budget for ingredients, we're tryin to keep it fairly reasonable since we will be serving ~40 people.

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          ah, see, the 40-person head count and info about the budget helps. now i know not to suggest anything too fussy, intricate, or pricy :) also, since you're serving the food during the tasting, you really don't want anything too spicy and should limit the salty offerings, otherwise it may interfere with the flavors of the wine...and no artichokes or asparagus.

          - polenta rounds with herbed chevre
          - mini meatballs (beef, chicken, turkey...) with a variety of dipping sauces
          - glazed spiced nuts (the Union Square Cafe Bar Nuts would be perfect)
          - cherry tomatoes stuffed with herbed ricotta or goat cheese
          - tapenade with crackers
          - almond-stuffed dates wrapped with bacon
          - vegetable frittata bites
          - caramelized onion tartlets

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            Trader Joe's frozen Party (or was it called Cocktail) Meatballs are pretty darn good. One of our Swedish friends says they're the best they've found...

        1. Gougeres. They can be made ahead of time and frozen, they're easy, they're cheap and if you make them properly nobody can stop eating them.

          1. We went to a Parisian wine bar repeatedly and their best idea was rough country bread toasted and then spread with various things==Roquefort and butter, pate, tapenade are a few I remember. Just so perfect with wine.