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Jan 23, 2011 11:20 AM

M:brgr [moved from Quebec board]

Not a Montreal opening, but M:brgr is opening a second outlet in Toronto and debuting a "100$ burger" (two Kobe beef patties, bacon, grilled pear, foie gras, brie, fig jam, asparagus, Piave vecchio cheese, garlic-roasted ham, porcini mushrooms, honey truffle aïoli and truffle carpaccio. Ick!). I wonder if this one will make its way on the menu here. Judging by the comments, the people of Toronto are not impressed!

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  1. It's here, and has been reviewed by the Gazoo (and P.K. Subban).

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    1. re: davekry

      Went to m:brgr for lunch last week on King Street. I was on my way to Craft Burger, which is always great, but thought I would try this Montreal based sensation for a change.

      The location is great and there are tons of tables, which is a nice switch from the line-ups at many of the other eat out (or get really lucky with a tiny table) places. The place smelled like fresh paint, which was good and bad - looked great, smelt awful!

      The menu is pretty substantial - much more than the typical burger spot. But how could I possibly go and not try the burger? I quickly ordered the nature burger with cheddar cheese and the horseradish mayo (which was ridiculously expensive at 4.00 for a squirt of mayo). The burger was done medium to medium well - I was not given a choice, which sucks as usual...I know, I know...liability etc. It was all in all quite good but nothing special or better than Craft Burger, Burger Cellar etc. The bun was more a sour dough type of thing - must be the MTL influence. Based on burger alone, I would say this is an average gourmet burger joint. The sides weren't that spectacular - poutine was embarrassingly bad for a MTL establishment. It tasted and looked like it was from President's Choice. Fries were that awful white colour and cheese was barely melted.

      I haven't been to Burger Priest, which is next on the list, but for my money, the best burgers in the city are as follows in no particular order:

      - Nota Bene
      - Harbord Room
      - Craft Burger

      I would put m:brgr in the same category as Burger Cellar - more about the decor/scene than the food. It's just another mid range burger joint, no better, no worse. I really do prefer the hand made style that is thicker and juicy, with a mixture of meats - much like they serve at Note Bene.

      Anyway, it's fine for lunch, but don't expect to be blown away...and it is a lot pricier than Craft, but you get a table and a much more relaxed atmosphere.


      Harbord Room
      89 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1G4, CA

      Nota Bene
      180 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2A1, CA

      Big Smoke Burger
      573 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M1, CA

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Well I visited M:Brgr on King street today for lunch party of two. Both my friend and I are restauarant people and we eat out daily in downtown Toronto. The restaurant looks amazing they've done a wonerful job. We ordered two burgers (we opted for the AAA instead of the Ontario organic based soley on price $8.75 versus over $11.00)both on Whole wheat which was a not so fresh Kaiser. The burger comes with Tomato and Pickle and you add the rest. I order the Smoked Gouda, and sauteed onions, with Horseradish mayo. The topping were very expensive. In fact those three toppings cost almost the same as the burger! We shared a basket of mixed fries featuring swt potato, regular yukon and onion strings. The Swt potato were a frozen variety but we cooked well and were crispy. The regular fries were a little under cooked so were a little limp. We were interedted in the onion strings as they don't sell Onion rings. Unfortunatly we were very dissapointed. they arrived hot but cooked to a greasy mass in about 3 mins. The Burger was cooked med well and was very juicy, but also a very small patty I would guess (educated) that it was about 6 oz before cooking or the meat had a very high fat content. The beef could have been ground with a little more care as there were losts of grizzly pieces through out.
        All in all as far as burgers go, I wouldn't return $48.00 for two people at lunch with no drinks (just water) is outrageous. I prefer W Burger bar (free toppings!) homemade buns and a great atmosphere as well, or Burger Shoppe not the chic atmosphere of the other two but a really cool room with outstanding burgers

        Burger Shoppe
        688 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1G9, CA

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        1. re: thehonestreviewer

          I was there today for lunch as well and I couldn't agree more with thehonestreviewer. For 2 people our bill came to $57. $57 for burgers...I was appalled. At those prices I would not return. The burgers were good, but not great, and certainly not worth the price. I, too, would take W Burger over this place....any day!!

          1. re: kwass

            Wow I thought the thehonestreviewer paid too much and then you say you paid even more! I would have just walked out once I figured the burger would be over $15. You can get good burgers at many places for around that much, with fries etc on the side. (Such as at Globe Bistro or Lolita's Lust)

            I guess the customers must be people from the financial industry who make more than the average "Joe".

            I'm curious what made you stay, you must have realised when you walked in what you would be getting for the price? Or did they have a sign on the wall that said there was a prize in every 3rd burger?

            Lolita's Lust
            513 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P5, CA

            1. re: foodyDudey

              You're funny foodyDudey. There should be a prize in every 3rd burger @ those prices. And, you're right, I should have left, but I wanted to try the place. Truth is, I knew it was going to be expensive, but I didn't think it would end up being that expensive.

              1. re: foodyDudey

                Wow. Lolitas lust is the 2nd worst restaurant I've ever been to in Toronto, Joe Bidali's being the first (total accident). I never thought I'd see anyone recommend it. I think you and I must have completely opposite dispositions! (given our mutual thoughts on Globe). Ha!

          2. Wow, didn't think the menu was THAT expensive. They are featured on Wagjag today, $20 for $40 worth of food/drink. Decided to buy one to check it out but even with the discount seems pricey although more reasonable...

            Deal is valid for a few more days.

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              1. re: ylsf

                Yea, I'm sitting on the fence with this one based on these reviews...

                1. re: pakmode

                  Don't go!! Take it from someone who's is not worth the money!!

                  1. re: kwass

                    I went back a second time. It is really pricey for what it is, but it's still good. There is no way anyone should be raving about this place, because it's not unique at all. Definitely not better than Craft, Burger Priest etc. What I do like about it - and why I'll return - is the amount of seating. It's a huge space so you can go comfortably with a larger group.

                    1. re: kosherdill

                      I agree with you that the food isn't "bad", but like I said, it certainly isn't worth the money. And I have to echo your sentiments by saying, that there are too many "great" burger places in toronto, to justify going back to M Burger.

                      1. re: kwass

                        In that area, Grindhouse is my go to. Excellent burgers, and fries AND the price won't knock you over.

                        1. re: millygirl

                          Agreed. Grindhouse is actually my go-to burger place in the city...the black and blue burger is great (you have to get it at least medium-rare, though). And you can get a regular burger (no sides, though) for $7 (tax included). I was thinking of trying M:brgr but given the reviews I doubt I will now.

                          1. re: Strongbad789

                            M:brgr in Toronto has just closed? That's what I'm hearing from Montreal.

                            1. re: BLM

                              Really? I would be shocked if it is closed already. As mediocre and overpriced as the place is, there were actually quiet a few customers in there when I went mid week. However, it is a really big space so I can imagine it is costly overhead. When word gets out that there are better options in the area I could see them failing but I would be really surprised if it was so soon!

                              I went in with a voucher from a groupbuy site and decided to go all out and get the fois gras burger with truffles on it, etc. Even the fois gras couldn't save the burger but now I know I have no reason to ever go back as even one of their "best" burgers was pretty crappy compared to Burger Priest, Craft (Big Smoke now..), Grindhouse.

                              1. re: ylsf

                                I'm not at all surprised either. I wrote a review on it a couple months back and predicted it would close soon given the steep competition. When I went on a Wednesday evening, it was completely empty and the only reason I went there was also because of the voucher from a groupbuy site.

                                Their food was decent, but given the their steep prices, the food had better be a heck of a lot better than just decent!

                                1. re: wherejessate

                                  Wow, good call wherejessate!

                                  Never got a chance to get over there, but I think everything you said in your original post is totally true, and you've been proven absolutely correct

                                2. re: ylsf

                                  Apparently it has been confirmed by the M:brgr people, that their Toronto location has closed. Even in Montreal, people have complained about the high prices at M:brgr Montreal location(although I think they are still doing well).

                                  1. re: BLM

                                    Yeah, I am seeing articles on the web now but thanks for the initial heads up BLM. Now I kind of wish I didn't use my voucher (having bought in on impluse) and just gotten it refunded by the voucher company!

                                3. re: BLM

                                  Wow good thing I just used my fabfind coupon 2 weeks ago! It was okay for the price i paid with the fabfind but otherwise wouldn't go back at that price.