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Jan 23, 2011 12:37 PM

Coop's BBQ (Lemon Grove)?

Sorry to bring religion back on to the board, but anyone tried this BBQ? Looks to have opened in October of last year and there has been some favorable press, but the only Chow info I found was back in ought-7 about packaged BBQ.

Thanks for any info!

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  1. Been there several times. Love the pulled pork. He is really smoking everything on premise. So far had the pulled pork, rib tips, ribs and brisket. All were great however the Brisket was slightly dry on one occasion, however that could be do to saving it to eat later in the day.

    Nice to try smoked q' at places other than my home.

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      Did you used to go by another name on Chowhound? :)

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        Nope, long time lurker, seldom post. This has always been the name though.

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      1. Any other experience with Coops? Lemon Grove is a trek so if it's worth it, I'm going.

        1. I scored a half off coupon a couple of weeks ago and plan on driving out there on Saturday. Fake Name says it is the best BBQ he has had in SD next to his own. I have had the privilege of eating Fake Name's BBQ, if he says Coop's is a close second it will be worth the trek out to Lemon Grove.

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            Even if it's a distant second, it'd be just terrific. If I don't type so myself!

            Yes, it's good, yes I like it, and yes I will return.

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              The horror of driving east of 5...must be good!

              1. re: Beach Chick

                Nah, east of 5 is ok. I live east of five. Now east of 805, well that's Imperial County. But one does what's demanded of a ChowHound.

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                  Well, at least you didn't say it was AZ

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                    Definitely worth braving the trek to the eastern territories. These pics are from one of our visits in June (full rack o ribs w beans & potato salad. Ribs were as good as they look). The food wasn't quite as good on our last visit in July, but still worth repeat visits. Wish I'd browsed this board when you posted info on the coupon.

            2. I've been there a few times now and have been favorably impressed with pretty much everything I've tried (still haven't tasted their sausages yet, but when we were there over the weekend, Coop was pulling out some fine looking chicken sausages from the smoker out front). I'll have to leave it others to judge regional authenticity, but Coop's meats are very tasty without the sauce, and I view that as important to good BBQ. But the sauce is very good (great for a bit of dipping).

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                The sauce is a little too sweet, and not smoky or spicy enough, for my tastes. But that's academic, because you're right, you don't need sauce.