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Jan 23, 2011 12:36 PM

cape canaveral

Our cruise ship is docking there for a day. Looking for a great place for lunch. Any kind of food but no chains please. Love casual hole in the wall places that locals go to but I won't have a car so please take that into consideration. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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  1. There are only a few restaurants within walking distance of your ship at the port. I recommend either Seafood Atlantic, which also is a fish market where we've had some excellent locally caught fish sandwiches, or Grilles Restaurant -- get the rock shrimp at Grilles if they have it on special, they are a real delicacy and taste like little lobsters.

    1. I would think if you dont have a car or want to take a taxi your stuck with Grilles which is a nice place for lunch or dinner. Also you might want to look at But if your there all day i would suggest car and see some of the sites

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        I too prefer Fish Lips over Grills. However, if either is serving Rock Shrimp make sure you try them. For dessert, try Auddino's Italian Bakery (523 Glen Cheek Drive) for pastries, cookies & house churned gelato.