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Jan 23, 2011 12:33 PM

FYI: Mexican food in Escondido

Just thought I'd post about a couple recent changes to the Mexican food scene here in Escondido.

Tacos Alex was run out of the former Baja Foods building last month. They were the only business there making money, so the landowner kicked them out and implemented his own taquero in hopes of similar profits. Locals have noticed, of course, and people who've tried the new one tell us they won't go back. Thankfully, Tacos Alex still has the newer San Marcos location.

If you are in Esco and are hungry for tacos, we recommend La Taquiza as the new best in town. They are in the Northgate Gonzalez shopping center. Their tortillas are recien hechas, and I adore being able to have my cochinita pibil cravings so easily satisfied. The pork can be overcooked, but the extra-spicy salsa they put just on the pibil tacos, the fresh tortillas, and the pickled onions bring it all together.

La Cocina de Maria closed some time ago; we haven't been to the new business, Blanquita's Cafe.

El Tejate continues to be inconsistent, but I suppose if the swap meet closes because of the ballpark, they ladies who cook there might come permanently to the El Tejate kitchen.

If you're looking for something a little different, keep in mind that World's Best Pizza serves the best pupusas in North County. I've enjoyed their tamales de elote too; the fried version is a treat.

We just need some of that borrego action up here -- all the specialists are way down south!

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  1. Thanks for the update maestra. Do you know the address of the Tacos Alex in San Marcos?

    I thought you would like to know there is borrego now in north county, specifically Vista.

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      1. re: Encinitan

        Now I can't get the theme song for Vamos a Texcoco out of my head . . .

        Vamos a Texcoco
        950 E Vista Way, Vista, CA 92084

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          No doubt...Vamos a comer ..Vamos Texacoco... It is embedded in my head.

          1. re: stevuchan

            Uh oh, I opened the website for Vamos a Texcoco again. Still the place for barbacoa de borrego?

            Hacienda De Vega
            2608 S Escondido Blvd, Escondido, CA 92025

            Vamos a Texcoco
            950 E Vista Way, Vista, CA 92084

            Tacos Alex
            250 W Mission Rd, San Marcos, CA 92069

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              We like the salsas better at the original location, but we actually prefer the food in Vista. I love a quesadilla with huitlacoche, barbacoa, and a slice of avocado. The Vista location doesn't have rabbit, but we tried it once down south and were not thrilled.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                There is now a borrego place in Encinitas: Chihuahua Taco Shop. They do not specialize in borrego, but they serve it. They used to only offer it as a 2+ person platter on weekends, but now they sell individual tacos throughout the week.

                It is on Encinitas Bld, near the Smart and Final market. And for those who want to munch on the wild side (at least for us non-latinos), they serve taco de buche (pork stomach).

        2. Los Charros on E. Valley Pkwy has some of the best Mex and my DH swears the carne asada burrito is the best in SD..
          Excellent salsa too..

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            Fortunately I work nearby, and I LOVE this place. Especially their chile rellleno burrito!!
            And you can't go wrong with their steet tacos. Great salsa.

            1. re: ChrisG

              Los Charros is a real dive but damn, its good!
              Have you tried Hacienda de Vega if you want a little more gussy up Mex in Esco?
              It's quite good and the patio is lovely with the huge waterfall.


          2. I finally got to the new Tacos Alex in San Marcos. Seriously good. Most of the tables were taken when I was there, and the meat on the trompo looked too big to get your arms around, so it looks like they're doing well. Which makes me happy. Very much worth the drive if you're in San Diego proper and love real tacos.

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            1. re: y6y6y6

              Ok this one I got in the bag...Cenote Grill on El Norte Prkwy. This one came to me late because I've gambled on so many mexican places in around escondido when my pareents lived there and got burned most of the time including Los Charros IMO was mediocre at best. Cenote Grill is one of the few that combines high quality with cleanliness. You will be shocked n awe when you take that 1st bite of theri burrito is all I can say.

              And the location got me driving in circles because their address is wrong on yahoo & google mpas. it's in a plaza next to 7-11 ...couple miles west of what yahoo maps say it is. But when you do find it, the anger will disappear.

              Cenote Grill
              1896 W El Norte Pkwy, Escondido, CA 92026

              1. re: y6y6y6

                Alex's had changed their salsa on my last visit. It was much hotter but lacked the depth of flavor that the previous version had. I hope they change it back!