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Jan 23, 2011 11:43 AM

Birmingham - Tacos Su Primo

Saw a sign for this place driving to red pearl and picked up a menu on the way back. It's located in the shopping center at the right on Greensprings and West Valley, on the side with the Little Caesar's. The taco menu includes carnitas, choizo, tripe, lengua, barbacoa, asada, cabeza, and sesos! I did not try anything as I was full, but they have tacos, qiuesdillas, enchiladas, flautas, huevos rancheros, brochetas, tampiquena, huaraches, sopes, and tortas. Will have to try it for lunch soon.

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  1. Stopped in today to try a torta and two tacos. The carnitas torta bread was good, but they skimped on non-meat ingredients and the carnitas was dried and leathery. I believe they were also supposed to come with fries ... and while not authentic, they decided not to include them ($6.99). I tried two of the $1.50 tacos - one pastor and one asada. The asada was not bad although the meat was a little too done. Red salsa picante was excellent while the verde was bland. Tortilla tasted and looked almost like the dark corn tortillas served at the Guzman truck down the street. Lots of meat though. The al pastor was also cooked a bit too much and the taco had chunks of pineapple (boooooo!). Overall, I may have hit them on a bad day so I might try them again (super nice folks) but otherwise will stick to the usual suspects.

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      That sounds like a promising array of meats and antijitos. Maybe they just hadn't recovered from the weekend or something.
      I think those tortillas they serve at Taqueria Guzman (taco truck) are the Milagro brand sold in Mexican markets. They're in the refrigerator section, wrapped in white paper with the brand name prominent on the top.
      Hope the punny name is not a bad sign, but I want to give Taco Su Primo a try, too. I figure Saturday lunchtime would be prime time, when the workers are finally rising after clubbing.

      1. re: Big Daddy

        When I grabbed the menu Saturday around 3, it wasn't super busy but agree that the meats tend to be the best on weekends. I've bough the Milagro brand before but thought the color was a little lighter than from these (or the ones at Guzman).

        Speaking of Guzman, someone told me they thought it was now moving around more and setting up in other locations at times?

        1. re: Dax

          Dax, thanks for the heads up and updates. Am really looking forward to trying it this Saturday. I've been missing authentic Mexican since moving here from Texas and it sounds like this may take care of that.

          1. re: mahalan

            I am not necessarily recommending this place. Guzman and Gordo's are better, although Gordo's torta are not spectacular. Did you read this thread?


            Most "authentic" Mexican here is focused on taqueria-style offerings.

            1. re: Dax

              Thanks! Guess I'll try Guzman's this weekend instead.

              I'd seen the other thread. Just hadn't gotten around to trying Gordos. Have tried Tacqueria Mexico and although it's my favorite so far in the B'ham area, it just didn't hit the spot.

              Overall, I've found the food scene here very good. Especially for a city Birmingham's size. The only things I'd like are good dim sum (then again, that's becoming scarce everywhere in the country), Texas style barbecue (like Smitty's or Kreuz), and authentic Mexican (can't wait to try Gordo's).

              1. re: mahalan

                I find the pulled pork in town to be great (Saw's when it's on, Jim and Nicks) but the ribs and brisket to be weak. Nothing here can touch Kreutz for their brisket or sausages.

                1. re: Dax

                  Ribs: gotta go to Roadside BBQ, 7303 1st Ave N which is Woodlawn, I guess. That's the only place in town that I really like for ribs.