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Jan 23, 2011 11:29 AM

What is Your Favorite Omelet?

We often eat omelets on the weekend. This morning we had our (My?) favorite omelet, fresh roasted green chile, "Mexican cheese" and avocado, w/ home fries and flour tortilla w/ honey. Another favorite is bleu cheese, steak slices and mushroom. In the summer, feta cheese, fresh mint and lobster or crab. Salmon, fresh dill and brie as well. A lot of the time "clean out the fridge" omelets.
What are some of your favorite omelets?

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  1. -Sauteed wild mushrooms, asparagus, fresh herbs and goat cheese.

    -spinach, tomato and feta

    -bacon, cheddar and tomato

    Roasted green chile sounds delicious!

    1. It varies, but I'm usually pretty simple when it comes to omelets.

      Usu. it's just some kind of vegetable. Recently, I've been dicing up sweet potato leaves with some diced garlic and then topping the omelet off with a good dash of smoked paprika and sea salt.

      That's probably about as fancy as I get with omelets ... because, y'know, half the time I just can't resist dowsing the thing with either ketchup or Sriracha.

      1. Polish sausage and cheddar.

        leftover Stouffer's spinach souffle and cheddar.

        ham, green peppers, onion and cheddar.


        1. A few I enjoy:
          * swiss cheese, topped with sour cream and salmon roe or flying fish eggs
          *havarti and mushrooms
          *leftover veracruz sauce topping (plum tomato, garlic, onion, pepper strips, sliced green olives, capers, golden raisins)
          *my new experimental is sauteed huitlacoche with poblano rajas, topped with a thin red sauce.
          *ham and asparagus