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Jan 23, 2011 11:23 AM

Baltimore Restaurant Week - January 21-30

Haven't seen anyone talking about Baltimore Restaurant Week here yet. Yesterday the boyfriend and I went to the Aquarium and decided to go to La Tasca for dinner. We were unaware that it was Restaurant Week but when we arrived they handed us the RW menu which was $20.11 for lunch and $35.11 for dinner for unlimited tapas from their pri-fixe menu. Pri-fixe menu had a pretty good selection. Food was awesome, server not so much.

Anyone else participating in Baltimore RW?

La Tasca
722 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

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  1. Nobody has anything to say about Baltimore RW?!

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    1. re: lrebetsky0423

      City Cafe and The Prime Rib have awesome menus for RW. Also, I think the new chef at B&O is going to be trying out some of his new dishes on the RW menu, which is bold. I like places willing to try something new during RW.

      (full disclosure: I got to go to a press event at City Cafe and The Prime Rib where they previewed their RW menus. Still, I would gladly pay for both, and will...)

      1. re: lrebetsky0423

        We've been to Cinghiale, Cazbar, and Kali's Court.

        We liked some of the dishes at Cinghiale-- the sunchoke soup was good. The pasta filling was good, although the texture of the pasta was weird. The panna cotta was fine, and the basil sorbet was fine, but very sweet. Everything was undersalted.

        The food at Cazbar was relatively good- the walnut dip was relatively good. The soup was full of big pieces of raw garlic, so it wasn't to my taste. The kebabs and the eggplant dish were both very good. The rice pudding and pumpkin dessert were not bad, but unremarkable.

        Kali's court was downright disappointing. The tomato salad had horribly mushy, tasteless tomatoes and putrid capers. The pyhllo crisps were a little fishy, but not terrible. The bouillabaisse was just bad. Watery, flavorless, with overcooked seafood of average quality and stale toast. The mahi was a little better. The dessert was Greek pastry, and it was about as mediocre as the rest of the meal. Our waiter insisted that we both order off the restaurant week menu. 10 minutes later, we heard another waiter telling his customers that any entree could be substituted onto the restaurant week menu for a $7.50 surcharge. Would have been nice to know!!

        I've consistently liked Ruth's Chris for restaurant week, so if we're not snowed in, I think we may head there tonight.

        Kali's Court
        1606 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD 22231

        822 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

        1. re: jvanderh

          I just got a FB alert that La Tasca has extended their RW until 6 February!

          La Tasca
          722 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

          1. re: lrebetsky0423

            Most places will extend an extra week. Crap this week will still be crap next week!

            1. re: gregb

              HEY GREGB--YEP, I just don't get it with this Restaurant Week, as you say, "Crap." I don't want to be forced into some 3 course, abbreviated menu selection--smaller portions, poor quality.

              My hubby and I dine out frequently and order several different course, i.e., perhaps salad, 2 app., maybe one or two entrees, or any combination. We very rarely order dessert as that is something we enjoy sharing at home later in evening together. HUbby is diabetic, so we have to be very selective in the dessert option, which we can easily control at home.

              I believe that the Restaurant Week concept is very viable and happily honored, but I don't like the fact that so many of the participating restaurants don't continue to offer their traditional a la carte menus during the span of the RW. So, hubby and I just select venues where the offer is not mutually exclusive. Such as Milan, Stoney River Steakhouse, etc.

              We will return to the others once the RW has expired. FoiGras

              1. re: FoiGras

                I agree! With the exception of a FEW places in Baltimore, $70 for 2 before drink, tax and tip is not a good deal no matter how you slice it.

              2. re: gregb

                My sentiments as well! What annoys me the most is that the art of dining is typically overlooked during restaurant week. When I dine out, I love to linger over each course and take my time. When I've tried dining out during RW, I've felt incredibly rushed, with each course arriving way too fast (and often right on top of another). RW is my excuse to stay home, try some new recipes, and serve dinner in front of a toasty fire!

                1. re: stephanieg

                  stephanieg--am in total agreement with you. In addition, I don't like to be "forced" to order 3 courses that I have no intention of eating. This isn't a matter of economics. My hubby is a diabetic, hence, he doesn't usually eat desserts at restaurants. We share dessert at home where I can control the sugar content--i.e., sugar-free puddings, icecreams, etc.

                  When we dine out we usually order one or two appetizers, salad and an entree. Our dinner tab is usually much more then the $70 dollars, plus change that is charged ($35.11) for each 3-course meal during restaurant week.

                  In defense of the participating restaurants, I can see where the promotion generates interest and pumps up business during a bland dining out time during the year. I am okay with the concept, but will only dine out at the higher end of the scale establishments if they also provide their usual a la carte menu, where Hubby and I will most certainly spend a lot more moola.

                  Your toasty fire would get me to stay home on these snowy, cold. wintry nights. I miss our fireplaces in our other home--we would set up a feast on a fur (politically incorrect) blanket in front of our fireplace, candles scattered about the room ablazed--great selection of CD music--dining on all types of great foods--then soak in the Jacuzzi with candles, music and some decent wine (Hubby--Asti Spumante mixed with Sweet 'n Low and a bit of diet orange soda--he doesn't drink, but humors me with a bit of the Bubbly).

                  Spring come forth!!!! Happy dining--what are your plans for Valentine's Day (weekend)--another hurry up and rush situation at many fine dining establishments. ( I am staying at home and preparing dinner).. FoiGras

                  1. re: FoiGras

                    I feel like in the past chow hounders have been pleased with Baltimore RW. Am I wrong? Have things changed?

                    1. re: lrebetsky0423

                      It varies. There are some places doing great stuff at reasonable prices, and some doing limited menus/portions that just aren't really a good value.

                      I will say that the best RW promo I've seen so far is Bluegrass Tavern. I haven't tried it, but the RW menu looks fantastic.

                    2. re: FoiGras

                      Valentine's Day is another time I loathe to go out. Between the "special" v-day menus and the rushed atmosphere, it is not my style. I especially hate it when v-day falls mid-week, as Valentine's Day promotions at restaurants often span 2 weekends rather than just one! FoiGras, enjoy with your husband!!! We'll be staying in as well, but probably with some carry-in!

                      1. re: FoiGras

                        seriously? That has to be the trashiest drink I have ever heard of.

                        1. re: hon

                          Is it still trashy if consumed in a jacuzzi, after feasting on a fur?

                          1. re: hon

                            Joking, hon--Hubby doesn't drink anything with alcohol. He just doesn't enjoy wine or mixed drinks, even if he wasn't diabetic.

                            I make him mocktails with various sugar free sodas. He occasionally will drink a virgin pina colada.

                            Just leaves more wine for me to imbibe. FoiGras

              3. Has anyone been to Tio Pepe lately? I hear mixed things. Also, has anyone been to Centro for restaurant week?

                4838 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814