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Jan 23, 2011 11:21 AM

Where to eat in Puerto Vallarta now?

Going to PV and wondering if people have any recent recommendations. Been to La Palapa and, while the setting is gorgeous, like a few other posters wasn´t all that taken with the food. Loved Los Xitomates but the last time I was there it seemed closed. Wanted to try El Arrayan but doesn´t sound like its worth it anymore. Any ideas?

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  1. If you're a regular visitor to PV it's pretty much the same list of La Palapa, Trio, Dacquiri Dick's, Vitea, El Dorado is back and there's always the River Cafe. If you haven't tried it Hacienda San Angel is good and south of town there's Bianco Blue. De Santos has opened in the Peninsula Mall.There are a lot of new smaller places check out the front pages of for information. At the Marina Tikul sadly has closed but there's a new Diner, a Peruvian place and our second Indian restaurant.
    In Nuevo Vallarta more restaurants are opening that are very goood including Porto Bello, Prime 159, Dolce Vita and Ginger Garden Lounge.
    I would also suggest you bring some cold weather clothing. It's been a lot cooler than normal.

    Paseo De La Marina #245, Local #113, Puerto Vallarta, JAL 48380, MX

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      Hi Mexivilla,

      I'm going to Nuevo Vallarta for the first time and staying at Villa La Estancia. Could you elaborate on the restaurants you mentioned? Do you know of any great ones near us or are we destined to cab/bus it?

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        Actually you have very nice although very expensive restaurant La Casona where your staying. Unfortunately There are not a lot of good restaurants that I would describe as within walking distance. Taxis are not that expensive if you stay within Nuevo Vallarta but a trip into PV by cab will be pretty expensive, it's a least a 30 minute drive.
        Porto Bello- and Prime which is next door La Dolce Vita-Italian, Gingers-Thai, these are in a restaurant row with a few others that have opened so recently I haven't tried them yet.
        Also at the south end of the beach there is a Paradise Village mall with a selection of both good and fast food places and a new No Name Sports Bar.
        Still hot in the sun and cool in the shade and at night.

        I should also have mentioned that just north of you there is the town of Bucerias with a lot more restaurants particularly along the beach in all price ranges. Best are Aduatos and Mezzogiorno.
        Take a look at

    2. We just came back from PV yesterday and I think people's take on El Arrayan are correct. Not terrible but not good either. Very nice people but the food was just"ok".
      The Red Cabbage was the hands down favorite. Everything was good. The mole and the grilled shrimp were great. Dacquiri Dicks was fine. I love the setting and the food is very good. Our hotel recommended Tintos and I would never go again. Food was sub par and the hostess kept trying to get us to go to a time share presentation. Marisocos 8 Tostados near the marina made a fabulous lunch. My other favorite was Bucerias. We took a cab down for a few hours and had lunch at Mariscos Gordo. (Fatboy Seafood.) For me it was the best meal of the trip. Grilled lobster,snapper and giant shrimp. What could be better. Not fancy but just good,
      It was cool especially in the morning.

      El Arrayan
      Allende #344, Puerto Vallarta, JAL 48304, MX

      1. I agree that it's the same old list, including Cafe des Artistes and Le Kliff.

        1. Los Xitomates is now La Tomatillo, open, but no menu posted out front which drives me crazy. Have no clue of quality but have been told it is mainly tapas, reduced prices, trying to draw in clients. I like El Arrayan and La Palapa. In my dining guide, I list over 375 places from street food to 5* at budgets for all. There are so many places to check out. Lots of them are not well-known and have reasonable to moderate prices.

          El Arrayan
          Allende #344, Puerto Vallarta, JAL 48304, MX

          1. Thanks everyone! Leaving tonight. Will report on our experience.