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Jan 23, 2011 09:49 AM

Your favorite bar/pub food...Traditional and Unique...

Interested in ideas for a small community wateriing hole. Looking for the best of traditional bar foods, i.e. best wing sauces, variations on pub fries. As well as unique and different. itens that help a joint stand out.

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  1. I think it would be far more unique to have menu items that aren't standard bar food...something a little more upscale, or perhaps more interesting is a better way to put it. Flatbreads with a variety of toppings, lamb lollipops, anchovy fries, guacamole stack (sort of a deconstructed guacamole), grilled caesar salad, etc.

    1. Besides alcohol, the one thing that will keep people coming back is good service and high quality food. So my suggestion would be to start with a simple menu and try to stick to fresh ingredients as much as possible.

      That being said, perhaps try to create "healthier" and fresher interpretations of classic pub food.
      In addition to chicken fingers, jalapeno poppers or fried mushrooms, why not serve chicken skewers such as a satay or a yakitori, roasted jalapenos with goat cheese, and broiled mushrooms with crab stuffing. Buffalo and tuna burgers in addition to the standard beef. Use chicken thigh instead of breasts for sandwiches. Custom made salads have been the rage in NYC for awhile and highly profitable. And think about a signature dish. What is the best local protein you could get your hands on?

      Not sure about your demographic or location, both of which are important to suggest menu items.

      1. I've been obsessing over stouts lately, and it seems that great selections of stouts on tap are often found at "gastropubs." I'm really drawn to this because (being a Hound) I find great food and great drink are two pillars leaning on each other. It got me to post this inquiry for fellow LA Hounds to post on gastropubs or anything similar to these in feel:

        Roy Choi, a local notable in the LA food scene (is credited with starting the food truck craze by introducing Kogi). He recently helped start up A-Frame - a former International House of Pancakes building refitted pimped up to offer some great drinks and food to go along with it. Here's my take:

        And here's their menu:

        Don't know of anything like this place myself. But if it becomes a blueprint for many more to come, I'm all for it - just be sure to offer lunch on weekends. :)

        1. I was in a pub in Philly a year or two ago with friends. We ordered some fried food plate--it was mostly very thin fried onion rings that were good. But the star of the plate was the fried leeks. They were amazing. We still talk about them on occasion. I also had fried Brussels sprouts recently, leaves pulled apart, not the whole sprout fried. They were also tasty. Sorry to focus on the fried; I don't even like a lot of it. I just remember being happy to see something a bit different in both of those places.

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            Fried leeks or shallots would be awesome

            And NO SYSCO ONION RINGS or other fried components. If you're going to fry stuff, fresh is the only possible way. Don't cheap out.

            Also interesting dips for said fried foods...aiolis or such

            House made veg chips a la Terra chips?

            Depending on your area, some Indian offerings could be unique, like samosas or stuffed breads, and they aren't terribly hard to make.

          2. All suggestions so far sound good! Although it depends on locatin and expectation of area .