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Jan 23, 2011 09:26 AM

30" All Gas Range - DCS or Wolf?

Doing a major renovation to our kitchen and replacing our electric range with a gas range.
Very interested in the DCS and/or Wolf and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts/preferences? Also wondering if anyone has cooked a turkey in these ovens? That is my only concern about upgrading to a Pro-Style range as the ovens seem small.

I've ruled out the Thermador, Viking, Bluestar and Capital Culinarian (the latter two due to lack of availability in our area, the former due to service issues)

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  1. I personally wouldnt buy anything from DCS...I think they are crap.

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    1. re: MOSFET

      Can you elaborate on why you think DCS is crap? I've owned two DCS 30" ranges in two different houses for 8+ years now with no problems and cook a lot.

      My first DCS was a 30" AG range (basic; no self-cleaning) purchased in 2003. That stove is still going strong at the old house. No ignitor or burner issues; no oven issues; no problems at all. This unit was black and the exterior paint is not holding up well on the bottom kick plate right near the oven vents. Stainless underneath so there's really no issue.

      The second DCS range is a 30" DF purchased in 2007. No issues have been discovered. This unit has the rolling racks and self cleaning. Broiler works great; oven heats evenly; convection feature is great. Burners are super and all 5 perform great.

      I'd highly recommend DCS to anyone.

      1. I think I can help as i have the Wolf 36" gas range at home (4 years old) and the DCS 30"gas range at our vacation home (2 years old). While I personally prefer the Wolf's open double- ring pattern burners, both are excellent ranges with quality construction and fit/finish. The DCS is certainly not "crap". I've roasted turkeys in both ovens which turned out beautifully and finished steaks under each oven's infrared broiler with great results. Some people prefer the closed burner set up as they think it makes for an easier, quicker cleanup but I like the Wolf top because I can actually take the top apart and carry the trays to the sink for deep cleanups. You need to play with both in person and see which setup you prefer but you can't go wrong with either stove. I don't regret the purchase of either and would buy either brand again. At the time I was shopping for our new home, I looked at Bluestar but went with the Wolf and am glad I did as I've had a great experience with Wolf customer service.

        Bluestar was a close contender but I'm glad I went with Wolf. Their service and support are first-rate. We bought our DCS over the Internet as there was not a high-range appliance dealer in our small coastal community and chose it basically because it was a lower- cost option than the Wolf. Its front skirt was warped in shipping and Fisher-Paykel was quick to send a replacement piece free of charge so their service was good as well.

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          Unfortunately, I must agree with MOSFET. We've had a DCS 30" dual-fuel range for eight years and it has been a total lemon. I have loved it while it has worked, but it has needed so many repairs that I could have bought a new stove by now. First, the cooktop rusted out underneath, even though I followed the cleaning instructions in the manual. Fisher-Paykel (the new owners) finally fixed it for free, after a pretty big tussle. Now, the oven has gone kaput, even with three service visits.

          Ironically, Fisher-Paykel is offering me a break on a new version of my stove, and I'm actually thinking about it because it looks like they've put a lot of work into redesigning the whole line. But, once burned...

        2. Just a quick update, we decided to go with the AG DCS. We've had it for 2 years now and so far it's working wonderfully and looks great. The closed top is very easy to keep clean and I love the 5th burner in the center for simmering large stock pots, etc.
          We did purchase the 5 year extended warranty in case of any service issues but so far haven't had a problem (knock on wood)

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          1. re: islandgirl

            Still going strong? I took the dive a purchased an all-gas 30 inch DCS range that is being installed today. Although the conflicting reports caused me pause, I felt it was the best range for what I needed/wanted.

            1. re: hawkeyeui93

              Just saw this post, and yes, our all-gas 30 inch DCS range purchased in early 2011 is still going strong. I love it!

              1. re: islandgirl

                Thanks for letting me know and I am glad to hear you love it. I am also thrilled with my DCS three months in ....

          2. I'm now deciding between Wolf and Thermador. What are you talking about when you say "service issues"? I hear some say Wolf is over-rated, others love it. I like the star-shape of the burners on the Thermador.