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Jan 23, 2011 09:01 AM

Straight to a Man's Heart...

A friend of mine has been very kind to me. I want to say thank you to him for all of his help. Do you have a good recipe for a baked good that will Severely say thank you (and possibly endorse me as a good candidate for spending more time together)?

I am very experienced at baking and do not mind a complicated recipe.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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  1. Well, this really depends on the man and his heart, no?

    Do you have any idea what the guy likes in terms of baked goods? Does he like sweets? Savory baked items? Neither? Both? Chocolate fiend? Chocolate hater? Does he allergies?

    Would be happy to help you out, but need more info.

    I know if someone of the opposite sex wanted to impress me and "thank me" with a baked good then a classic apple pie or NY style cheesecake would do the trick whereas a chocolate cake not so much.

    Of course, any kind of ice cream would always work.

    Like I said, need more info and be happy to help.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      I know that he is supposed to eat in a healthy manner and cannot have a TON of fat (because of a medical condition), but at the same time he can eat sweets in moderation. I have seen him enjoy chocolate cake before and cookies. So I was thinking something along those lines--just not a whole hoard of whatever it is, in order to respect his restrictions. Regardless of what I give, I know he'll know that it was the thought that counts and he lives with a family member... so he would appreciate being able to give/share with his family member.

      (Also, Ipsedixit, (this is random) but your profile says you love eggs and ketchup--me too. Eggs with ketchup and sriracha sauce. MMM!--Thanks in advance for any advance that you have.)

      1. re: GraceW

        How about a Chocolate Torte? You can use this recipe as a guide.

        Good luck and hope it works out well for you.

    2. Unless he's allergic to one of the following...

      Chocolate Layer Cake
      Chocolate Chip Cookies
      Oatmeal Cookies
      Date Nut Bars
      Any type of Butter Cookies
      Pistachio Biscotti
      Shortbreak Cookies
      Apple Strudel
      Any Phyllo Pastry

      Sorry, no recipes

      1. Boston Cream Pie
        Yellow cake (not sponge cake), a real vanilla pudding filling (not just whipped cream), and a dark shiny chocolate glaze.

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        1. re: blue room

          yes, you would have me at BCP. Totally delicious when it's done right, and hard to find done right.

        2. Some that pulled at my heartstrings were huitlacoche enchiladas from my mexican ladyfriend, rouladen from my fraulein friend, stuffed manicotti from my italian ladyfriend, and cookies from my NE friend.
          Why don't you just invite him over for dinner?

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          1. re: Veggo

            I think dinner is the best idea.

            1. re: Veggo

              I would have to agree with Veggo and invite him over for dinner to thank him. I would think a nice roast chicken w/mashed potatoes and gravy with brownies or cheesecake for dessert would work just fine. You can always send him home with the leftover brownies so that he thinks of you when he grabs another one.

              1. re: lilgi

                I second this idea. There is a fabulous recipe for them in the cookbook 'Butter, Sugar, Flour, Eggs.' A copy of it can be found here:
                I have made these several times and they are always delicious.

                1. re: KimberlySH

                  I think I might like this pastry cream recipe better than the last one I tried, thanks! I like the ganache to shine so I'd add a teaspoon of corn syrup.

                  To the op, I gift a lot of baked goods and Sur la Table sells pink pastry boxes if you haven't changed your mind. Last time I got them they were I think $4 for 6. Good luck, whatever you decide!