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Jan 23, 2011 07:07 AM

HK style cafe with kick*** milk tea?

I've been to Furama in Chinatown and Golden Phoenix just off the Steeles exit of the 404. Let's just say I'd rather drink Tim Horton than Furama. While Phoenix is good, it's not very consistent IMHO, and the food is not spectacular.

Surely there must be one good HK style cafe out there?

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  1. Cakeview Bakery at Finch and Midland (Northwest corner plaza), next to Vietnam Noodle Star - on the Northside of the plaza, entrance off Midland Avenue.

    1. I've always been a huge fan of Lucullus milk tea. They're more a bakery than cafe, but their milk tea is my favourite! There's one up on Highway 7 near Bayview, and another on Kennedy at 14th.

      1. Apparently Marathon Donuts & Coffee Shop near Finch & Midland won a few awards for their milk tea. I've very limited experience with the HK style milk tea and found their version just "ok". I prefer my own version :) Here's the article from The Star:

        1. 1. tsui wah south of steeles on kennedy (green sign with white letters), in the plaza beside chiu chow boy. decent hk style food and awesome milk tea (they actually use the panty hose haha)

          2. ming's noodles south of steeles/kennedy (red sign with yellow letters)

          3. there one cafe in the kennedy/hwy7 plaza, however the name escapes my mind since i havent been there in a while, but its along the lines of rich/lane/park/view if somebody on the board can assist haha, green/red sign and the place is a few stores beside sweet culture into the corner.

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            2nd Ming's Noodle Cafe and also add
            Kam Fai 38 @ Brimley and Steeles. (Interestingly, their business card has Kam Fai 88, but other signage replaces 88 with 38)

            Ming's Noodle Cafe
            3447 Kennedy Rd, Toronto, ON M1V4Y3, CA