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Jan 23, 2011 05:40 AM

Food for a Pregnant 'hound

I know there are a lot of knowledgeable moms on this board!

I'm expecting, and finding some of the rules a little difficult to cope with. I am particularly vexed with the anti-listeriosis rules, such as no raw dairy, no soft cheese, and no deli meats. I'm also having trouble in restaurants. I actually got food poisoning yesterday from a restaurant meal. Which is terrifying.

I am keeping it as organic as I can. I am taking my lunch to work. I am drinking tons of water. I have cut out all artificial sweetners and caffeine.

But jeez, I just want a turkey sandwich or a goat cheese omelet!

What are 'hound moms' experiences with "the rules," and what did you find helped you out with morning sickness the other wonderful GI side effects of pregnancy?

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  1. I didn't follow the rules except being careful about fish, so I can't help there ( not saying you shouldn't, I just didn't and all was well).
    But lemon juice in cool but not cold water when I awoke really helped with morning sickness. I drank a glass a few times a day and it was amazing. I kept some lemons in my desk at work and squeezed them fresh as needed ( this was 23 years ago) but now I would use the organic squeeze bottle lemon. I am told lime works too.
    And congratulations.

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      My wife did the same thing with lemons, but she added a healthy amount of grated ginger and let it sit overnight on the counter. She would strain it and add some ice or sometimes she would warm it up.

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        That makes sense as ginger is good for GI things. But when I was pregnant it made me gag. pregnancy is so unpredictable that way.

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        I use ginger and lemon juice in hot water to calm my stomach, which is always upset because of my pregnancy. Works great and is good for you.

        I haven't eliminated anything except alcohol and raw fish from my diet. Also, I stay away from 'junk' food, i.e. fast food or anything with lots of dies and preservatives, but I don't usually eat stuff like that anyway so its not much effort.
        My snack/quick foods are raw fruits and veggies, whole grain breads, vanilla yogurt, reduced-sodium cheeses, wheat pita chips with hummus, and dried fruits.
        Breakfast foods: oatmeal w/ honey, fresh fruit, eggs any way but fried, homemade bran muffins, wheat french toast w/ honey
        Lunch/Dinner: homemade black bean soup, avocado subs, steak w/ sweet potato, broccoli with wheat pasta, rotisserie chicken breast, turkey chili, turkey or beef burgers
        I have enough variety to keep me fairly happy - and I try to find new 'healthy' things to add to my list all the time. Of course, you can't stick to the rules 100% of the time, so I will indulge in something during parties or holidays - plus leftovers after. ;)

      3. roast and slice the turkey yourself...or toss a couple of slices in the micro or a saute pan and heat them thoroughly. That should take care of the cooties you don't want.

        And talk to your doctor about the rest of it...I found my doctor a lot more flexible than the official guidelines.

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          I'll second this. You can easily make your own deli-style lunchmeats at home. You can get good results if you brine the cut first, sear off, wrap in foil, and bake in a moderate oven (depending on the meat, obviously).

        2. I don't remember following any rules, other than no raw fish or oysters, or alcohol. For that 'rockin' the rowboat' feeling, keep a package of water crackers or saltines with you.

          1. I can relate - I've already told my husband the first meal he's bringing me is a italian sub with lots of onions and vinegar - oh how I've wanted one. Oh, and a sam adams winter lager.....

            For me, I avoided deli meat - mostly because right as I got pregnant there was a huge recall of meat they found listeria in, so I decided even though my dr. had said nitrate free was fine, I wasn't taking any chance. the above reccomendations of making your own are good, but I totally miss salami!

            No sushi and watching the amount of fish I ate was easy (not a big sushi fan in winter anyway). As for cheeses, I'm not a fan of blue, but love goat cheese. And as long as it's pasteurized, I was told it was ok. I'm in Jersey, and since it's illegal to sell unpasteurized cheese, I haven't cut back on any of that. (Just read the labels to make sure it was pasteurized).

            For my morning sickness, I lived on carbs. It wasn't that bad for me, and I believe that naseau and hunger are similar signals in my brain, so I pretty much kept hydrated with water, also drank lots of gingerale, and kept all sorts of crackers and granola bars on me at all times. I ate something every two hours or so and followed my cravings, but trying to keep my veggie intake high.

            I've got 4 weeks to go, and have started dreaming about deli sandwiches - hang on in there, enjoy the time and use it as the excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast (I only did that once, I swear). Congrats and good luck!

            1. I'm also pregnant with my first (30 weeks) and my doc told me that alcohol/caffeine in extreme moderation and soft, pasteurized cheeses are fine. No need to deprive yourself of everything. You'll just end up miserable.

              As far as the nausea goes, none of the natural remedies worked for me. I wound up in the hospital three times until I discovered the wonderful world of Zofran. My nausea went from 100% to virtually nothing. I really can't recommend it enough. And if one more person told me to try saltines, I was going to punch him/her in the face. ;)