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Jan 23, 2011 05:30 AM

Nifty pickle options at Falls Church Farmers Market

A new addition at the Falls Church Saturday Farmers Market (which runs year round, by the way) is a guy near the Park Ave. entrance, selling homemade pickles with the label, Fresh Crunch. (I think he said he's also in the catering business.) He's charging about $6-$7 a pint for them and has about seven varieties there to sample. So far I've bought Sweet Very Hots (he uses habaneros in them), Bread and Butters (also with a little pepper kick to them) and, the winner, Pickled Carrots with star anise, ginger and sesame oil. He also has half-sours, sweet-hot green beans and some others I've forgotten. And he also sells pickled habaneros, for them what has the courage.

Three or four weeks ago, at the other end of the line, a guy who I remember from Oh, Pickles also was peddling pickles, but I haven't seen him recently. They sell the Brooklyn-style garlic dills, etc.

Meanwhile Stachoski continues to sell his creative sausage creations at the market as well, making a Saturday morning trek to Falls Church worthwhile even in this weather.

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  1. Used to be a great vendor at the Rockville Farmer's market called In a Pickle. He had half sours, three quarter sours, and sours with a pepper kick at the end, As well as other pickle varieties, mushrooms and olives. I think he is at the Easter Market now. Well worth finding. Prices are about the same as above.