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Jan 23, 2011 04:39 AM

New Zealand Lamb

I may have asked this before, but it's worth reviving. Does anyone know where New Zealand lamb can be bought in the city? I had better luck when I lived in Tulsa (!!!) than I have had here.
Frozen whole legs were sometimes to be found there in Chinese freezer chests----among the mystery unidentifyable items you find in such freezers----but 0% luck in Houston.

The reason for stipulating NZ is simple: it tastes gamier and a quantum-leap better than the American product, where (one sadly suspects) they've tried to 'breed the taste out of it'!

I suppose Australian would do in a pinch too.

I am having a ride down to Ranch 99 (the new one in Sugar Land) which I have not checked out in this regard.

Thanks for any leads.


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  1. Where did you get the lamb in Tulsa - this Brit in Tulsa would like to know.

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    1. re: kagemusha49

      I want to say Nam Hai oriental market at 21st and Garnett (this was a major jewel circa early 90's in Tulsa when it opened and provided access to a wonderful plethora of otherwise unavailable-in-Okla items.) When we moved to Tulsa (1990) there was no Indian restaurantss either (there was an awful place in Norman, OK and that was it for the whole state).

      Anyway, I "want to say" but I think I secured the NZ Leg at one of the later Chinese markets in Tulsa and that name escapes me although i can visualize the freezer wherein the long-frozen but still delicious legs were. If you run around the large Oriental markets in Tulsa (which still can't be too many) you will have retraced the trail at least.

      I even heard that there's a British pub there now?! Is that true??!!

      Sorry I can't offer definitive help, but once I bought out the stock they never did get them in again, although I did ask.

      1. re: bishopsbitter

        There is indeed a British pub - the White Lion opened in 1999 about the time I moved to Tulsa and is run by a real Brit. Then there's Baker Street which opened a year ago and is more noisy and not so real - there's a few other fake Brit pubs. The one that does the best job with beer is McNellies. The Indian scene has improved quite a bit too - there's no restaurant that's as good as the best in Houston (which I define as Sabri Nihari on Hillcroft for cheap but good and Indika on Westheimer for expensive but good fusion) but way better than Houston's worst which is probably the Khyber Pass.

        516 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

    2. Ranch 99 provided Australian whole legs. And they did have NZ racks! Not only that but Australian venison.

      Nice store (maybe because it just opened of course) with a lot of good meats and fish & shellfish.

      Still no joy on NZ legs though.

      1. Strange, I thought Randall's carried NZ lamb. I'll have to look this week.

        1. How about Pete's? They've been able to order everything I've wanted thus far.

          1. Sam's Club sells NZ Lamb boneless legs and racks

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            1. re: ryback

              Ah Sam's - always cheap but whatever they sell is good quality

              1. re: kagemusha49

                I've never seen NZ product at Sam's in Houston. Plenty of MUCHO EXPENSIVO American lamb, but not NZ.

                1. re: bishopsbitter

                  Bought a NZ leg of lamb at Sam;s yesterday. Texas City location.

                  1. re: ryback

                    As with all things Sam's I guess it's hitty-missy. But I appreciate the heads up. Will run over there soon and see if they've changed at Katy.

              2. re: ryback

                Haven't had a Sam's card in about 5 years but I have bought it there in the past. As mentioned, Pete's should be a good place to try but strangely it isn't listed on their website of meats they regularly carry - no lamb at all.

                I'm going to check in a few days at a small grocer near me that carries some specialty meats. Looked at Kroger Signature on Westpark at Buffalo Speedway today and they didn't have NZ lamb, just American raised. Good price on shank, though.