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Jan 23, 2011 04:31 AM

New Brick Oven Pizza in Media

Wondering if anyone has tried the new brick oven pizza joint in Media / Delco?

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  1. Haven't heard of it. What street is it on?

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      it's on Olive around the corner from Fillini's. They have been building for 2 years, saw some people in last week but i havent had the chance to get in yet.

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        Thanks for the info FISHINC- I can't wait to check it out....

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          The only new pizza place I'm aware of in Media (I work in Media) is on State Street, not Olive. I went in there, took one look at the pizzas and ordered a salad. I described what the pizzas looked like to my wife, how uniform all the dough looked, and she said they were prefab. Really not anxious to try this stuff, it did not look appetizing at all. Yes, there were a fair amount of people in there when I went in about a week and half ago if that means anything. BTW, If there is a new place on Olive, do tell.

    2. I believe you're talking about Ariana. I haven't been, but friends who live in Media absolutely love it. it's run by the same people who own Fellinis. From what they've told me everything is fresh and they will also customize a pizza in any style that you like.

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        OK, I got curious and looked it up. The name of the Restaurant is Ariano. It is located at 114 South Olive Street which is between Baltimore Pike and State St. The website is
        looks like they are closed Mondays. They do lunch and dinner. Looks interesting enough to give it a try.

      2. Checked out this restaurant on Monday, and was pleasently surprised. Was not aware it was BYOB, but there is a liquor store and bar within walking distance. The pizza was great. Thin yet study, with a great crust. There are some 20+ pizzas to choose from, so deciding what to get is tricky. Also, theu have AMAZING gelato and sorbet.

        We are looking forward to checking out this place again; it's an ideal Sunday lunch spot.

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          Checked out this place yesterday for dinner with wife and kids. VERY good pizzas and they cater to the gluten-free crowd by making any of their pizzas using a GF crust. Wife and I split their Via Ottagio (their version of Caesar Salad) which was better than expected with Roma tomatoes and gorgonzola house dressing. I had ordered the Regina (Basil Pesto, hot sausage, fresh Mozzarella, grilled Portobello and stewed tomatoes) on a regular crust and wife had the Mellazo, which I guess is their version of the Margherita (fresh mozzarella, marinara, basil). Both were amazing, and I honestly think that the GF crust tasted much better, and that says alot. It seemed like it was made from scratch, rather than being pre-made like most other GF crusts. It had a sweet taste to it, which reminded me sort of with Franzone's pizzas in Bridgeport.

          We had their gelatos, which to me were alright but not great. We are kind of gelato snobs (Capogiro is my favorite obviously, and my wife prefer's Shriver's in OC) so you can't really base our thoughts on the gelatos. What I do know, is that they do need to upgrade their serving dishes for the gelato, as it came in a little plastic up that kept tipping over when you sat it down on the table. $2.50 for a reasonable serving was a plus though!!

          This place was dead when we came in for dinner around 5:45pm, but once we were heading out the door, it was jammed packed. They also have dining al fresco on the sidewalk, along with a little balcony on the 2nd floor overlooking Olive Street. I would definitely reccomend this place for a nice lunch, and for dinner sharing their enormous varieties of pizzas. Can't wait to come back. Even though we didnt drink, being BYOB and having the state store close by was also a plus.

        2. We did gelato there after dinner one night.

          They have two dairy free gelatos: Lemon Basil and something -berry (Straw- ? Rasp? they all sort of taste "berry" to me, which is by no means an indictment).

          Both were very good for dairy free (as were the dairy-full gelatos, in my opinion, and I have lived in Italy for at least a little bit of credibility). So for those that are either lactose intolerant or attached to a lactose intolerant mate, this is a nice find.

          I can't yet speak for the pizzas (as dinner was had up the road), but next time we are in Media, I'm looking very forward to tasting them (another note for the lactose intolerant: they also have a lot of pizzas without cheese on them).

          While it was Dining Under the Stars, the fact that the place was fairly packed at 10:30 on a Wednesday can't be a mark against.

          1. Old thread but we went to Ariano's last night (a Saturday). It was hopping. We were a party of four, shared two salads then got two real entrees and 2 pizzas. The pizzas are very large (at least for my appetite) but our college son spending the summer doing research at school was happy to take the leftovers. We were all really happy with our meals. Tons of pizza choices, all on a very nice thin and well-cooked crust. I particularly enjoyed our fig/walnut/goat cheese salad (which was a special). They serve beer and wine (and I think cocktails, though we didn't have any). Only thing I found slightly annoying was that the (printed!) specials did not list prices, nor did the draft/bottle beer menu. Not that the prices were ridiculous when I asked. But why not print them? The place is a tad noisy if you're sensitive to that.