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Jan 23, 2011 02:09 AM

What to do with a teeny "slow cooker"

I had a small crock pot / slow cooker passed along to me which had been part of a set, but not used. Bravetti model, looks like it'd hold about 2 cups or so. There are no settings or knobs, just a plug in. No instructions and I don't seem to be having much luck online, with the exception of sales sites.

I'm wondering if I can use this for something other than simply keeping a warm dip going, or what not. I don't eat meat, so it would be useless for me to put something in there such as that. Can small portions or beans or rice or what not be left to simmer?

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  1. I have a fairly small one and I love it for beans, however I think mine might be a little larger (maybe 4 quarts). I've never done rice out of fear of it turning to glue, but it does work for things like barley and farro. I thought I would use it a little more than I have, so I hope to see some other responses.

    1. Do a search for "little dipper crock pot recipes." It's a similar 2-cup slow cooker. Looks like the primary use is for dips and fondues, but you might be able to find some others.

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        TY, that did yield more results, but yeah, mostly in the dip variety.

      2. I used to have one that size. I used it for cooking polenta or steel cut oats overnight so they were ready for breakfast in the morning. It didn't work wonderfully (got a little too hot on the lowest setting) and I didn't feel like using the tips I read (using an insert or something). I ended up giving it away.

        1. We have one and in addition to keeping dips etc. warm, we love it for cooking steel cut oats overnight. I found it ran a little hot on the low setting and the oats would stick in where the wall meets the bottom. Now instead of just using water, I fill up the measuring cup with ice and then add the water to the cup and the oats are perfectly cooked in the morning.

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            Great tip Kilgore, and sounds much less like a PITA than the other tips I've read. I might have kept that little slow cooker had I read that one!

            BTW, and I hope this doesn't offend, I had a dog, a wonderful dog, named Kilgore. When I see your username here it usually brings a smile to my face.

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              As debbiel says, a great tip. Picked up a Little Dipper a few years ago because it seemed useful for overnight steel-cut oats; tried it twice and ended up with scorched food that stuck to the bottom. Cut my losses and gave it away. If I'd had your ingenuity (or at least the benefit of your advice), today's breakfast might have been a lot more satisfying!

            2. I used that size and style in the past for lentils and it worked well.

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                Any idea how much liquid / lentils / time etc?