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Jan 22, 2011 10:21 PM

What should we order at Helena's on N. School Rd?

Just wondering. Also, when are they open? We have two friends visiting from Sweden and they want to eat Hawaiian one meal.

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  1. Menu C or D for starters. Since first time they should share.. May not like what they eat.
    Open tues to fri 10:30a - 7:30p and is located at 1240 N School St..
    If you drive to fast you going miss da place. Look for da red door.
    If you driving torward diamond head going be on da left side of da street.
    Hard to find place to park. May have to park on side street or accross da street or down da street.

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    1. re: flylice2x

      If they try the Kalua pig & Cabbage, Laulau,Lomi Lomi Salmon and Pipikaula. that would do them just fine, it's not to far over the top. I would order the smallest portion of Poi for the table, Haupia for dessert. I don't know if the Luau Chicken is like a Huli Huli Chicken, if so they would also enjoy this item................have fun.................Bill

      1. re: Oregonguy

        Squid Luau is not at all like HuliHuli/bbq chicken. the "Luau Sauce" is a mixture of Luau (taro) Leaves and Coconut Milk. It has a strong 'green' flavor, think spinach or asparagus. Because the leaves are fairly tough, they have to be stewed for a long time, not unlike "greens." So the dish is sort of like creamed spinach with coconut and chicken, but with stronger vegetive flavors.

        Let's just say it is an acquired taste.

    2. You can't go to Helena's and not order the Pipikalau (sp?). Probably every table has at least one order of it and it is delicious. The other item we like is the chicken long rice. Don't forget to use the "fire water".

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      1. re: HNL

        it is good... and you got all the right letters, just mixed up a couple... pipikaula (pi pi kau la)

      2. Squid luau. Most visitors think it's creamed spinach.

        1. The "standard" Hawaiian food spread will include poi (often not enjoyed by tourists, so order small to start), rice, lau lau (unfortunately, Helena's laulau isn't my favorite), kalua pig (and cabbage, if you like, or just plain), lomi lomi salmon (salted salmon with onions and tomatoes) and haupia (coconut dessert). At Helena's don't miss the pipikaula short ribs (they are marinated, dried and deep fried). Other things to consider are the luau (taro leaves with coconut milk) which you can order with squid (actually octopus) or chicken (the meat is cooked separately, so it doesn't change the flavor much). Luau is my favorite, so I strongly suggest it if you like coconut milk and greens. Chicken long rice is also a really nice chicken broth with slippery rice noodles.