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Jan 22, 2011 08:46 PM

YEG Dim Sum

Heard there was a new resturant for dim sum in Edm. Some of the grumblings I've heard was that it was pricey and not very good.

Any opinions out there and what is it called?

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  1. How new is new? Like just opened?

    1. Emperor's Palace is the newest place I can think of...

      1. Edmonton could use a new good Dim Sum restaurant ! I look forward to finding out the name and location.

        We enjoy Cha for Tea and Golden Rice Bowl, which we find almost comparable to Vancouver on many items but could enjoy a kitchen with more variety. We have enjoyed some dishes at Unforgettable but it is inconsistent .

        If you do want to avoid lineups Dim Sum Delight on 107 ave and170 street is a family run place that has "home style" Dim Sum which is decent, although you have to wait as they steam to order.

        Once in a while I'll go back to Mirama for its "popular" atmosphere and style

        Noodle Noodle, Jumbo, and the Dynasty Century Palace are mediocre at best . After eating Dim Sum at Noodle Noodle your mouth will be dry the rest of the day because of the amounts of sodium they use. Have not been to the south side Dynasty or the Tan Tan in eons.

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        1. re: felix the hound

          Delicious Delicious is my current favourite although they need more selection.

          Urban China isn't bad.

          1. re: anonymoose

            I was at Emperor's Palace for the first time today and the dim sum is unlike any other m I ve had in Edmonton (have not yet been to Urban China). The decor is "high end" Chinese hall, with comfortable chairs, nice tablecloths and china, with a just opened shine. The Dim Sum items were dainty, delicate and mild tasting. We had chicken and pork steamed buns, pork baked bun, tripe, chicken feet, sticky rice, sticky rice roll, meat in bean curd skin roll and XLB. We ordered shrimp and cilantro dumplings but there was a mix up and they did not arrive to our table. The sticky rice, sticky rice roll, tripe and the bean curd roll were very good, while the XLB was disappointing and the chicken feet could have been a bit more tender. Prices are average, but the portions are on the smallish side. Service was above average for a “Chinese” restaurant.

            I would like to return for dinner. Unfortunately, in addition to the English menu (which has many pictures) there is an un-translated Chinese menu and group dinner menu. I find this condescending, at best.

              1. re: golfer1

                10638 100 Street Northwest Edmonton, AB - (780) 757-2288
                ( from Google = Emperor's Palace Edmonton)
                In the old Shun Fat Market location.Adjacent to the original Doan's location ( minus the cockroaches, I hope).

                1. re: felix the hound

                  best I’ve eaten in Edmonton, been to golden rice bowl, chai for tea, jumbo; emperor’s palace is most authentic, and most similar to the Vancouver experience, the rest of the aforementioned are too westernized…dinner at emperor is great too, again authentic, if you’re looking for ginger beef and chicken balls, go find another whitewashed chinese restaurant of which there are lots in Edmonton/alberta

                  1. re: yipikiyay

                    I don't recall seing posts by chowhounds looking for ginger beef and chicken balls.

                    And I think that , like Emperor's Palace, CFT and GRB , on a good day, approximate the Vancouver/ Richmond Dim Sum experience, if you stick to the traditional dishes ( and some that are not in the menu). But given the demographics of our city, they must also carry items that appeal to most gweilos.

                    By the way, one serious problem with EP is the temperature of their dishes, most often with items that do not come in their individual steamer and are served from a tray, such as the taro and turnip cakes. To the point that I prefer to go early or late so I can have them heated/cooked to order .

                    1. re: felix the hound

                      Re my assessment of Emperor's Palace above.

                      I have gone a couple more times since I wrote it and I must confess that while their Dim Sum kitchen seems competent, something is missing...can't put my tongue on it. But unlike CFT and GRB, after I have eaten there rarely anything comes to mind ( taste memory) as something I look forward to or must have next time I go.

        2. Pretty new to Edmonton but these are the ones I tried. I noted when I was there as selection tends to be better on the weekend.

          NoodleNoodle - Mediocre & poor selection (weekday and relatively busy)
          ChaForTea - Mediocre & poor selection (weekend and not busy)
          Golden Rice - Good, decent selection (weekend and busy)
          Good Buddies Northside - Mediocre, poor selection (weekend and very busy)
          Emperor's Palace - Mediocre, decent selection (weekend and busy)
          Jumbo - Best in the city so far, decent selection (weekend and extremely busy, 30 minute wait)
          NewTanTan- Bad, poor selection (weekday and not busy)
          Mirama's - Above average, great selection (weekend and busy) (see notes below)
          Century Palace - Mediocre, great selection (weekend and busy)

          Fun facts:

          The colleague who introduced me to NoodleNoodle's owner and told me that the same family (brother and sisters) also own Cha For Tea and Dim Sum Delight.
          The cheapest bill was from Century Palace with Mirama being a close second, like 1/2 the cost of ChaForTea and New Tan Tan.
          The longest wait was at Jumbo's, easily 30 min. to get a table for 4 on a Saturday at 1 pm.
          The quietest place was ChaForTea, almost 2/3 empty on a Saturday at 12:30.
          The best Ha Gow was at Jumbo's.
          The best Chicken Feet was at Century's.
          The dirtiest washroom was at Mirama... probably never go back for that reason, cant help but wonder if the kitchen is the same.
          The cleanest washroom was at the Emperor's Palace... better be since it is brand new.
          The best service was at the Empereror's Palace... love those little boxes of tissues.
          The worst service was at the Mirama, took us forever to eat because food usually don't make it to our table, little old ladies were rushing up to carts to help themselves to food.
          Best tea was at the Emperor's Palace, they actually use decent tea leaves.

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          1. re: Fergie007

            Jumbo used to be my favourite but the dim sum has gone down significantly in the past few years and the last couple of times I went there the food was greasy and not particularly appetizing. I will preferably only go there for dinner now.

            I tried Century Palace only once after Dynasty took it over and I absolutely refuse to go back. Horrible food.

            Mirama - usually does have horrible service, which is worse depending on where you end up seated. People go there in despite the service.

            1. re: anonymoose

              I read on another board that Mirama had closed recently due to outstanding rent, wages, etc.

              1. re: taiphun

                I was curious so I asked someone I know who is friends with the Mirama owners. The answer I got was that "they didn't like the landlords and will be serving their dim sum at Garden Bakery instead." (In case you didn't know, the Mirama owners have owned Garden Bakery for a while now.)

                1. re: anonymoose

                  Interesting. The Garden Bakery's restaurant is a lot smaller room if I remember correctly.

                  1. re: felix the hound

                    Didn't like the landlords? Oh my. That's a sudden change of heart after being there for so many years now?

                    1. re: taiphun

                      Well... Mirama used to have different owners too. It's a different family that has been running it for the last while. That being said, I can't remember exactly when the switch happened, but the current owners have been there for at least a few years, so I have to say that made me raise my eyebrows too.

                      Garden Bakery's restaurant is significantly smaller. And I seriously doubt it would be able to handle banquet dinners.

                  2. re: anonymoose

                    gardent bakery ??? They're jerks. Apparently the owner also owns" A piece of Cake" in WEM. I had a $10 certificate from a wedding and they WOULD NOT honor it. The guy told me even though it says " A piece of Cake on the sign and Apiece of Cake on my certificate with the actual address it's really Garden Bakery. Wonder if I could complain to BBB?

                2. re: anonymoose

                  For dimsum, I almost never order anything which is deepfried so I probably don't notice the grease as much, I eat almost exclusively steamed struff. I do notice that their chicken feet is on the greasy side. Personal bias, I tend to judge a dimsum place's food heavily on how good the Ha Gow is. My bad :-).

                  PS: not surprised the Mirama is closed, the place is definitely on the dumpy side, looks like the whole building is going to be condemned soon.

                3. re: Fergie007

                  While I dont fully agree with your assessment of CFT, EP and Mirama ( I think Mirama is/was in a different category) this is a good list. I would be interested in your opinion of Delicious Delicious, Dim Sum Delight , and Unforgettable. ( by the way, at Delicious Delicious you have a choice of teas)

                  I particularly like your ranking based on diferent elements of the restaurant experience.

                  My assessment of Dim Sum places is usually based on my typical order including steamed shrimp dumpling with more than just shrimp (e.g. chives, cilantro or pea tops) which sometimes are not in the menu but can be ordered, sticky rice in Lotus leaf, a rice roll of some kind, a steamed or baked bun , turnip cake and a tofu skin roll (guen). I rarely order anything fried.

                  1. re: felix the hound

                    I was recently at Bejing on Calgary Trail south, by Sportschek. Seems to be many of the staff and managers from Golden Rice Bowl, before the sale. Food was good, service a little spotty...don;t remember the total, but seemed to be high like GRB.

                    1. re: golfer1

                      When you say "food was good" are you talking about Dim Sum?

                      1. re: golfer1

                        We ended up trying Beijing after the line-up at GRB was too long. Food was decent, pricing wasn't too bad (I didn't think it was as high as GRB) and some of the portions were huge.

                        The Shui Mai for example, you get 5 instead of 4, and they are enormous! Considering the language barrier that I sometimes have at GRB, it was nice to have a menu with pictures to point and order, I also thought it helpful to learn the correct names for some dishes that we like but usually just point to on the cart.

                        This past Sunday we ended up at GRB, and I think that they may be getting a little bit more customer focused. There were several items that we hadn't seen coming around so one of the waiters asked if there was anything we were still looking for (never had this happen before, ever) and within 5 minutes the items were being delivered by the cart ladies direct to our table. Not sure why the change but I will take it! Still expensive, but totally worth it!

                        1. re: nsstampqueen

                          They're probably used to the pushy customers (like my family) who just flag a server down and demand to know if a certain dish is coming anytime soon. ;)