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Jan 22, 2011 08:45 PM

Chicken safety question...

I can't believe I messed up a meal I make so often but...well. I roasted a chicken tonight. It had been defrosting in the fridge but only for a few hours because I'm a space cadet and didn't take it out in the morning. I used the cold running water method to thaw it further. It was obviously still more frozen then I thought- I removed it from the oven after 1.5 hours, and let it sit for about ten minutes like I usually do before carving it. When I went to look at it after ten minutes I realised it was most definitely not cooked through at all. I stuck it back in the oven until it was, but since it was sitting out on the counter partially-cooked for those 10 minutes, is it safe to eat or not?

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  1. As long as it was cooked through before you ate it you're fine---assuming you didn't do anything silly to contaminate the fully-cooked bird. Obviously the cooked bird shouldn't touch any knives, cutting boards, platters, etc. the undercooked bird touched. Otherwise enjoy without a second thought.