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Jan 22, 2011 08:08 PM

Where can I find good Cantonese Roast Duck!!!

OH no, today I went to Happy Meat Markets to get a roast duck!!! It's changed hands. It didn't look as good as Happy Meats was there. I wasn't sure to buy it or not. I guess I could have bought 1/2 to try!!!

All the 'lap gap' was gone too!!! I bought my last lap gap that was produced from Happy Meats from T&T in December.

So, my question is ... where to get good roast duck in Chinatown:

(1) Spadina & Dundas area.

(2) Broadview Chinatown

(3) And last but not least, anywhere ...


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  1. Check out Hong Fatt on South side of Dundas, east of Spadina. Seems like its been there forever. I live uptown, so don't have any first hand experience with buying from there, but a neighbor has been in the habit of picking up BBQ meats from there for years despite the convenience of sources closer to home (Markham/North Scarborough). I also understand it is a favorite hangout for the local beat cops.....not sure what that means.

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    1. re: T Long

      Hi T Long,

      Hong Fatt changed hands too 2 years ago. I haven't gone since.

      I guess all the places have change hands, so I am just gonna have to try them out!!!

      I couldn't believe it..... when I got to Happy Meats on Saturday... and oh no!!!

      Still haven't had my duck yet! Just gonna have to brave out the new joints now...

      1. re: Chocaholic

        Wow, Happy Meat has no more dried duck?!? what about sausages lap-cheong?

        Try Flourish BBQ on Spadina and Huron, opposite Hung Fat. A woman chef wields the cleaver there - her ducks are pretty good (I hope it hasn't changed hands!)

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          I went by there today and noticed that the name is the "New Hong Fatt"...I guess that change was 2 years ago. Btw, my neighbor keeps going there. I took the opportunity while in the area to pick up some cha siu from Kom Jug Yuen on Spadina based on some reviews here on CH and also personal recommendations. Some reviews called it the best in North America, (which is clearly a stretch.) My impressions on having a taste just now is that the cha siu is very tender and acceptable but I think my normal source from Sam Woo BBQ on Bamburgh Circle is superior.

      2. Broadview Chinatown - Ka Ka Lucky, next to Sing Sing BBQ, on the Eastside of Broadview, south of Gerrard.

        Ka Ka Lucky
        349 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4M2H1, CA