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Jan 22, 2011 07:53 PM

Anyone know where I can buy Vienna Beef Hot Dogs?

Anyone know where I can buy Vienna Beef Hot Dogs?

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  1. This question has come up before and I believe no one knew of any stores in LA that carried them. They are available online:

    You _can_ get Hoffy hot dogs at Claro's, if that helps:

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      There's a new deli that opened up around 30th (i think) and Ocean Park Blvd in Santa Monica. Judging by the 20 Vienna Hot Dogs signs they have in the window, I'm pretty sure they have them. Have not tried it yet though.

    2. Just drove by a liquor store/deli last night at the corner of Torrance Bl. and Western Ave. in Torrance that had a sign saying they sold all manner of Vienna meats, with the Vienna Beef logo displayed next to it. Didn't go in but maybe someone in that area would know.

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        That liquor store maybe this one, mention in this thread.

        And a quick Google, I found this review:

      2. There used to be a factory store in Vernon. I know it's gone, now; but, Vienna Beef has a warehouse in Vernon. Our church choir used to ohold a St. Patrick's dinner/dance and I used to purchase Vienna Corned Beef, in bulk (60 to 100 lbs.) If you have the freezer space, or sufficient number of sharers, I'm pretty sure you could buy a box of hot dogs. Cash only sales. There also used to be a Vienna Beef Chicago Hot Dog stand on Harbor Boulevard, south of Disneyland. And now, there is Just Dogs on Beach Boulevard in Westminster just north of the 405 in the PEP Boys parking lot.

        1. The last time I emailed them they were less than helpful. They don't seem to have a clue about selling to southern Californians. Right now their 'dogfinder' is back 'under construction'.

          IIRC the only place they volunteered was Jerry's Famous Deli. Ouch.

          Buried on the web site is their local address:
          6033 Malburg Way
          Vernon, CA 90058
          phone: (800) 733-6063

          1. university meats in los angeles sells all vienna products wholesale