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Anyone know where I can buy Vienna Beef Hot Dogs?

CaseyLouHooHoo Jan 22, 2011 07:53 PM

Anyone know where I can buy Vienna Beef Hot Dogs?

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  1. c
    cstr Jan 23, 2011 06:09 AM

    Are you refering to the little guys you can buy in a can?

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    1. re: cstr
      monku Jan 23, 2011 07:05 AM

      You're thinking of Vienna Sausage


      OP is looking for Vienna Beef Hot dogs

      1. re: monku
        cstr Jan 23, 2011 07:51 AM

        Thanks, the last time I saw those things in a can, I had to leave the area when the individual popped that can open, wow very strong garlicky smell.

    2. e
      Encinitan Jan 23, 2011 06:57 AM

      You should be able to get them from the deli counter at DZ Akins.

      1. soulshine Jan 30, 2011 04:36 PM

        I've seen them at Major Market in Escondido. In fact we bought a jar of the Vienna Beef brand bright green relish used on Chicago dog's there.

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