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Jan 22, 2011 05:09 PM

Anyone know what's going on with Zella's?

We stopped by Zella's (Hollin's Market area) and had a bizarre experience. We ended up leaving without ordering. Matt, the owner, has been the bartender every other time we went, but was absent today. The kitchen staff appeared different. There was only one other couple dining in and they were inquiring about their food. The bartender offered that their pizza was almost done, but the salads hadn't been started yet (?!?!?!?!). A carryout customer's order wasn't ready. The ambiance was different, too.

Anyone hear anything? I'm scared ownership has changed!! Thanks.

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  1. Did some googling and answered my own question...apparently Matt was the manager not the owner and he has indeed left.

    1. And the ownership did change in November.

      1. You can find Matt at Patrick's on Pratt Street...just across from the B&O Railroad Museum. Yes, it's sad what's happening at Zella's.

        1. AWFUL customer service,try Two Boots instead.

          Have now had 2 bad experiences in a row. (1) ordered pizza and paid for it with Master Card, they delivered the WRONG pizza and refused to refund my money (called manager several times over the next week, finally had to get refund from my credit card company). (2) ordered pizza at 7pm and it was delivered at 9:15pm (after one hour I called them several times and they repeatedly LIED to me about the delivery).

          Zella's Pizzeria
          1143 Hollins St, Baltimore, MD 21223

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            I had a similar experience the last time I ordered from them. They did offer me my next order free, but I haven't bothered. It's gone downhill in a major way.

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              I used to live in Federal Hill and ordered from this place quite a bit. Then they changed owners and it became a nightmare -- one 2 1/2 hour delivery when they refused to answer their phone. I refused it on delivery and when I finally talked to a manager the next day I was told I'd be sent a coupon for a free pizza and my credit card would be refunded. Neither happened.

              But yesterday i got an email that they were reopening under the original owners. The original pizza was very good, one of the better ones in the Baltimore area. There's a couple I'd rate above it, but none that would deliver to me. They also delivered beer, although the email said they're in the process of working out their liquor license.

              Regardless, if they are back to their original quality that's good news for south Baltimore.

          2. Zella's catered a work party for us today. Very simple. Pizza salad and drinks. The pizzas and ceasar salad were good to very good and Zella's staff were very nice, helpful and efficient. The price seemed reasonable.