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Jan 22, 2011 04:10 PM

Mezza Lebanese Kitchen - Queensway/ Royal York

Curious if anyone has been to Mezza Lebanese Kitchen yet. It sounds like it is new, it is featured on Dealicious this weekend and I am tempted to buy a voucher but looking for some feedback especially since the reviews I have found on other sites seem kind of "suspicious" (i.e. new users, no other reviews).

Their menu is up on their website: But I am more looking for people that may have tried it as I am not super close to the area but could eat there before a movie at Queensway at some point.

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  1. I ate there the week it opened. Friendly family run.

    Had the mixed plate which came in cold and hot courses. Hummous was very good - still had chick pea notes in it. Other dips were quite good, pita was fresh. Hot dishes were good, could have used stronger flavours and seasoning.

    Menu has traditional lebanese items but not the breadth of a mezzetta.

    Reasonable beer and wine options.

    Worth a try - pricing is very reasonable.

    1. Mezza is still outstanding. Always tasty, fresh, high quality. Go! Everything on the menu is chow worthy.