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Jan 22, 2011 04:07 PM

Broiling salmon for crispy skin

Got two salmon fillets (tail) and would like to broil them with crispy skin. Do I broil skin side up until crispy and assume fish w/b done to a turn? Do I try to flip and hope they don't fall apart? Kinda expensive so I don't want to ruin them -- this is probably why I'm afraid to cook fish!

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  1. I suggest searing them skin side down (pan spray or oil skillet) for a couple of minutes then broil them skin side up until crispy. They only need a few minutes before flipping or they will fall apart.

    1. rub with olive oil, pepper the flesh, then sear, skin side down, in a ripping hot cast iron skillet until the edges just being to turn opaque. flip, cover and turn off heat. and finish whatever else you're making for dinner, set the table, open the wine, while the residual heat in the pan cooks finishes cooking, but not overcooking, the fish.

      foolproof, with very crispy skin.

      1. Put a cast iron pan into a very hot oven... at least 500ยบ. Meanwhile, prepare the salmon. Melt some butter, chop some herbs and mix with some bread crumbs. Dip the salmon fillets into the melted butter, some on the skin, some on the top. Place the breadcrumb mixture on the top of the fillet. When the cast iron pan is SCREAMING hot, pull out of the oven, please the salmon skin side down. You will hear a huge sizzle.

        Put the pan back into the oven for app. 5-8 minutes depending on the thickness of the fillet. Crispy skin, soft texture and delicious. I like to spritz with a bit of lemon juice.

        1. If you try to broil the fish until you get crispy skin you'll overcook the fish.

          Best to do as other suggested, pan fry or sear on a skillet. You don't need a cast iron, or any fancy techniques, just heat up a skillet, drop in a bit of oil, and lay it skin side down for a minute or two (at the most).

          Short of that, you could also use a creme brulee torch.