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Jan 22, 2011 03:04 PM

Sunday in Barcelona

I have looked through a few threads on this topic but the Sunday night advice always seems to be squeezed in with a lot of other advice.

Simple question: what is the most memorable meal you can have in Barcelona on a Sunday night?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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  1. Sunday night is not the night to go out for memorable meal as most high-end restaurants are closed. Given that, I would choose between Rias de Galicia for simple seafood or La Dama for updated traditional Catalan cooking. The only modern Catalan restaurant that is open on Sunday night is Arola, good but I wouldn't spend the money. Other than that, I would just slum it and eat at PacoMeralgo or go down to El Born and hit Euskai Etxea and Sagardi for some pintxo fun.

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      I'm just back from Barcelona and want to thank you for all your great tips. I would add for people that in general sun and mon are disappointing days and things pick up like crazy on Tuesday. We So Enjoyed Cal Pep. He couldn't have been nicer accomadating us as vegetarians. Same goes for Cinc Sentits. They give gourmet eating a good name because of the touch of warmth they bring to the service.

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        Excellently said. And when you have Pep on your side, eating is fun fun fun.

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          Just to close the loop, I will reiterate what I wrote in another thread. La Dama served us an extremely expensive and (almost comically) poorly prepared meal (seasoning and cooking skills of an enthusiatic but inexperienced home cook). I do appreciate all the advice I have received on this site, but think those in the know should re-consider recommending La Dama as a sure thing.

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            I'm disappointed to hear that your meal was not what you were hoping for, especially as it is so expensive. Were you expecting something more creative, perhaps? I loved the creative, modern cooking at Cinq Sentits and Alkimia, and that is what I usually prefer. La Dama was a pleasant surprise for me as it is very traditional, and I particularly enjoyed it because it was such a contrast to the others, no wow factor but classic preparations at their best. The stuffed pigs' feet that I had were truly memorable, and the prawn salad, chicken canneloni and lobster paella were flawless. Granted, this was several years ago, but I have Spanish friends who have been there as recently as last month and still report very favorably, and after all it does have a Michelin star. What dishes did you have?

            1. re: rrems

              I was not one of those who recommended La Dama.
              It is strange to ask for recommendations and, when the restaurant is not to one's liking, blame those who had contributed. When one asks for recommendaitons, one is taking a chance with others' experience. I understand blaming the restaurant. I understand blaming oneself for asking for others' experience. I don't understand blaming those who took the time to try to help one.

              1. re: Parigi

                No need to be defensive--I'm not blaming anyone for a "bad"recommendation just providing my feedback as it seems La Dama gets recommended a lot on this board as a sure thing on Sundays/Mondays. The point is just that I'm not sure the people doing the recommending eat there frequently, so they might be interested in feedback. I would be.

                We ordered a couple of "seasonal" apps not on the regular menu, including sauteed wild mushrooms which were poorly cooked and underseasoned. The lobster with rice (lobster paella) was also underseasoned. The rest was not bad, but nothing particularly impressive either. Could it have been the wrong dishes or an off-night? Sure. But if I had to guess, I would guess our experience was more typical than not.

                I love traditional cooking (actually more than the avant garde stuff in general) but the technique was just not here. It could have four Michelin stars for all I care--my meal just wasn't very good.

                Again, not to cast aspersions on anyone for recommending it--this is just my feedback.

                1. re: thelonious777

                  Why? Aside from my own experience, those of my friends and of other Hounds, and its Michelin rating, there is an overwhelming number of raves on other websites, along with a very few that described an experience similar to yours. I would conclude that your unfortunate experience, though probably not unique, was not typical. Just about every great restaurant gets a few negative reports. Therefore I would still feel very confident recommending it. By the way, I did not get the same sense as Parigi that you were blaming anyone, and I do think you should state your case but refrain from telling others that they should "re-consider" their recommendations.

        2. Els Pescadors but Sunday lunch better than sunday night in Barcelona..