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Jan 22, 2011 02:18 PM

North-East Vancouver

Looking for a place to meet friends who live in Pt Moody (we are on Vanc west side); thinking about the area East of Commercial and North of Broadway. Any thoughts in that area? I drive through there but nothing except the places on the Drive come to mind.

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  1. Depends what you're up for. Best area would probably be Hastings around Nanaimo:

    -Seri Malaysia (obvious)
    -Bubbles and Bits / Bo Laksa King (Burmese and other Asian)
    -Song Huong (Nanaimo and 1st) and Thai Hang on Hastings that has bo7mon
    -Thai Cafe around Hastings and Willingdon(?)

    This is a thread for places around the PNE:

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      Other ideas:

      The Danube for German/Hungarian/Austrian/Slovakian cuisine. My favourite schitzel in town. (The area forces them to include burgers, fish n chips, etc in the menu...obviously avoid those and go for the Central European stuff.)

      Into North Burnaby is the Burger Etc for pretty good burgers, Bombay Bhel (part of a chain of Indian restaurants from back east - decent). There is a Thai place there - forget the name, but pretty good and "authentic." And then there is the perennially under-rated Pear Tree with Chef Jaeger at the helm. (edited to add: The Pear Tree is closed till Jan 31 as Scott Jaeger is off the Bocuse D'Or competition as part of Team Canada to help out Ryan Stone's efforts to go for Gold).