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Jan 22, 2011 01:42 PM

Birmingham Kool Korner

Kool Korner fans: Illdefonso Ramirez, the genius behind the Cuban sandwich shop in Vestavia Hills (formerly of Atlanta), will celebrate his 88th birthday on Monday, Jan. 24. Kool Korner is marking the occasion Monday with a special -- buy a regular sandwich and get a combo plate free.
The restaurant has continue to expand its menu, adding what the restaurant calls a "Saturday-Night Special" that seems pretty high caliber (sorry; I had to say it). Rice, black beans, Yuca and maduros (fried plantains) with your choice of the Cuban-style house-roasted meats of pork, eye of round, chicken breast, or the long-braised classic beef dish ropa vieja. It's $9.50 and is served only after 4 p.m. on Saturdays.
The tamales have gone up in price a bit since they first appeared at Kool Korner, but $2.05 buys a substantial tamale of moist, stock-enriched masa that includes bits of meat, onion and pepper -- all warm and wrapped in a corn husk.
The black bean soup keeps getting better and better.

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  1. Have they added a Media Noche sandwich to the menu? (Last time I was there I asked if I could have one and the girls working the sandwich press wondered why they didn't have it on the menu.)

    I lived in Miami for several years and the Media Noche slathered in butter before it was pressed was my favorite cuban sandwich - I miss 'em!

    1. That eye of round is stuffed with chlorizo (think sliced thin spanish style, rather than Mexican crumbled) and makes for a mighty tasty pressed sandwich.

      1. I love a good family run resturant! And this little sandwich is perfect for lunch - so long Subway

        1. I LOVE the Saturday Night Special - for those of you who use Facebook, Kool Korner usually sends out a weekly message to its fans about the special.