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Jan 22, 2011 01:27 PM

Richmond Virginia Best Hamburger and French Fries Combo

Where in Richmond is the best place for a burger and fries. No fast food or chains. looking for that special place that every local knows about. Include the street address and web site if they have a web site...

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  1. Here's a starter list for the hamburger portion of your quest:

    1. believe it or not, i think capital ale house has a great burger and their frites are amazing. not much else there (other than the beer list which is lovely) is worthwhile, but i do like their burgers.

      1. I know you didn't ask for fast food, but the new Cookout on Ridge Road is incredible. Great fresh burgers at super prices. Good shakes as well!!

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        1. re: nyctripper

          gotta disagree. I like cookout, but its not incredible. Better than Wendy's or BK or McDs, but its no In-n-out.

          I'd go there, but I wouldn't wait in line (and there's a long one these days)

        2. Love the burgers at Honey Whyte's, can't remember if I was blown away by the fries, though. I was pretty pleased with the build-your-own combo at Kitchen 64. I got a burger with an egg, bacon and cheddar cheese, along with a pile of yummy fries. I was also surprised by how well it was cooked. This post is making me hungry!

          Kitchen 64
          3336 N St, Richmond, VA 23223

          1. The Brickhouse Diner on Midlothian Turnpike serves the best burger I have ever had. 1/2 pound, fresh ground beef, cooked medium rare (or your liking). I have never had a burger where I didn't want to add mayo or bacon to it....I just wanted to taste the cheese, mustard and tomato for me.....and it comes with decadent shoestring fries!!

            Brickhouse Diner
            13520 Midlothian Tpke, Midlothian, VA 23113

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              We like the burger at Brickhouse, too. They also do a mean skirt steak.