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Jan 22, 2011 01:15 PM


Hi! My boyfriend and I are getting very tired of the same old thing all the time. Our anniversary is coming up in February, and we are very interested in finding somewhere new to go for dinner!
I am open to any suggestions to any type of cuisine, I just want to know your faves around this area.
Please let me know what restaurants you love, and what dishes you would recommend.
Thanks so much! Can't wait to hear your responses :)

P.S: I know that there are a couple of Peterborough posts on here, but they are actually getting a little out dated now.. lol

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  1. Riverhouse Co. in Lakefield. Very friendly yet professional servers who know their stuff and are passionate about what they are serving. The food is locally sourced wherever possible, virtually everything is made in house and the menu is approachable for all, yet interesting and creative. I loved the lamb shanks, single house-made giant ravioli appetizer, and I've had good salads. The only miss for me was the mussels, which are typical of the quality available in those parts (meaning: not great). I wasn't blown away by the preparation either, but that's just me. Others seemed happy with them.

    This place is only 5 minutes' drive beyond Trent University, so certainly doable, as long as you don't overdo it on the wine for the drive home afterward. Of course, you could stay somewhere overnight in Lakefield for a romantic night away from home, if you're so inclined.

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      Thank you so much for your reply, and also your recommendation!
      We go in to Lakefield quite often, so it definitely isn't out of the way, and we haven't been there yet.
      I've heard quite a few good things about it now though, so I definitely think we will be checking it out sometime soon! :)

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        I'll second the Riverhouse recommendation. Went for dinner last night and had a fabulous meal. We'd been hearing a lot of good feedback from our cottage neighbours and thought we'd try it for a special occassion, my wife's birthday. We went with seasonal items, a heirloom tomato salad and corn chowder as starters, both were delicious and beautifully presented. I had beef tenderloin, it had a rich dark reduction, very flavourful beans(drizzled with truffle oil I believe), and a to-die-for potato galette. My wife had the lemon chicken with gnocci which was also fantastic. The gnocci was light and soft and had a beautiful mushroom sauce. For dessert we shared a peach pie (also very seasonal in mid August) served with lemon ice cream. Nothing we had could be faulted. The presentations were clean and preparations were refined. The service was also great, our server was very passionate about the food and described the dishes very well. We'll be back!

      2. Third for Riverhouse...................

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          Indeed. I was at Riverhouse in late July and had a really beautiful dinner with my husband on the front porch on a perfect July evening. We shared the king crab in a half avocado appetizer, which screamed summer. For mains, he had a whole rack of lamb, which was cooked rare (as per his request) and just buttery soft. I can't specifically recall his sides, but I think they were green beans, a mash of some kind and a few snow pea shoots. I had the venison tenderloin with a wild blueberry coulis. It blew me away. It was so tender, with no sinew whatsoever. It was sided with these decadent French toast sandwiches made with brioche, basil leaf and cambozola. How decadent they were! I also had green beans on the plate and the requisite snow pea shoots strewn about. We had a bottle of wine that we'd never hear of before but was reasonably priced. In all, it was a lovely evening with attentive, but never intrusive service.

          Next up: the new pizza place with the wood oven. Anyone tried it yet?

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            Yes, tried the new pizza place (Kazabella). The good news is that it's a terrific oven, and the crust is superb, cooked to order in just a few minutes. There is a selection of about 8 different topping combinations, all individual size (a 'large' is about the size of a dinner plate, a 'small' about the size of a side plate -- most of us at the table ate at least 3/4 of our large pizzas). They are priced in the 12-15 range. The quality of ingredients is very good (including Fifth Town cheese!) In addition to pizza, there is a soup and a calabrese salad. No other options for mains, so it's really pizza or nothing! There is a small but adequate (and reasonably priced) wine list.
            While the food was very good, the service was a bit, well, inexperienced. The waitress was friendly enough, but couldn't really answer our questions (and had a really annoying habit of addressing us as "youse",as in "can I get youse anything else?") The major drawback to this place though is that they close at 8:30!!! I think they're going to have to revisit that if they want to stay afloat -- this could be a real alternative to the Loon if they stayed open a couple of hours later for those who'd like something to eat and then stay for a few drinks. When we went, we got there around 8, and it felt like they were rolling up the rugs around us. Otherwise, we would have been happy to order another bottle of wine or two and linger.

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              Glad you liked it. I've been back a couple of more times and really enjoyed it (although a slight inconsistency issue, especially when busy) and the service has been inexperienced and variable. Good news is place was busy, customers there seem to like it, and I even overheard a couple at the market telling another couple about Kazabella and how much they like it.

              I also tried to start a wider ranging Peterborough thread ( to capture the better and best in the area including products and shops (one worth mentioning is Chasing the Cheese - especially their French Triple Cream Chateau de Bourgogne if you can beat me to it !).

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                Extremely disappointed in the experience. Portion size of pizza, service, etc.
                Will not be a repeat customer