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Jan 22, 2011 12:56 PM

Breakfast in Pembroke Pines

Will be there in a week, where do you go for a good breakfast on Sunday morning? Looking for something a little different from the traditional fare...

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  1. Try Club 19 @ The Pembroke Lakes Country Club. Sunday Brunch is a killer!! Not many other alternatives unless you wand a bagel shop.

    1. We really like Kristof's Kafe for Sunday brunch. It's in Davie which is next door to PP and worth the drive.

      1. An Excellent option for breakfast is Ally's Comfort Cafe in Davie. Everything is terrific except the Eggs Benedict (don't care for the Hollandaise). Potato pancakes - phenomenal. French toast, muffins, homemade hot sauce all great. If you ask, they love to warm up their muffins and butter them. Really good as well.

        Another good option is a chain that's making inroads to south Florida by the name of First Watch in Sunrise. This is another good breakfast option with a healthy slant. Food is healthy but not at the cost of flavor.

        First Watch
        12594 W Sunrise Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33323

        1. Thank you everyone for the suggestions...they all sound wonderful.

          1. Elle's on Flamingo and Miramar is an excellent spot for brunch. I believe they open up around 11am, so if you're looking for an early breakfast it may not fit the bill.