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Jan 22, 2011 12:41 PM

Pam's Patio Kitchen- San Antonio

We went to Pam's today for lunch- its a cute little restaurant in a strip mall at Lockhill-Selma and Wurzbach. The weather was nice today but my boyfriend didn't want to eat outside so we sat down at a booth inside. I found it confusing to figure out how to order- I initially walked up to the registers and had to be redirected. The layout of the restaurant is really crowded but I think that the decor and color scheme were fun. I ordered the grilled chipotle chicken and my boyfriend ordered a jalapeno, pepperoni and meatball pizza. They give you focaccia which I found to be okay- the pieces varied a lot on their thickness and I like the thicker pieces better. Almost immediately after we ordered the place became a madhouse: the line was wrapping around the restaurant making it even harder to walk around in the restaurant. The brought my food before my boyfriends- which I thought was odd. My sandwich was WONDERFUL though- the chicken was fire grilled and the chipotle mayo was delicious. All of the sandwiches come with a pickle spear, some tortilla chips that are fried in house, a sweet and spicy fruit salsa, and an orange. When they finally brought my boyfriend's pizza it was wrong so we sent it back and it took them FOREVER to get him back a new one because they had gotten so busy. After about 30 mins they brought him his pizza which he thought was really really fabulous. I think that in the future we will call in an order and eat it at home because we really liked the food but thought the restaurant was hectic.

Pam's Patio Kitchen
11826 Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78230

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  1. I'd agree with most everything in your review. Usually I'm just having soup and a torta valencia unless they happen to have the italian creme cake. I saw the following review in the SA Current-guessing she must've gone in the evening (which I never have) as the items described bear no resemblance to the lunch menu I know.

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      That could be... I haven't eaten there at night or even checked out their dinner menu but I used to have a friend who cooked there and when I asked him about the menu I recall him telling me that at night they "flip the table and change directions"... Next time I'll have to see if they have the Italian Creme Cake