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Jan 22, 2011 11:28 AM

Ashville, NC eats end of February?

Headed from DC down to the Charleston, SC Brewvival via a stop at Brusin' Ales in Ashville, NC. Be in town the end of February. We will be coming into town on a weeknight and need a dinner recommendation, and maybe lunch the next day if suggestions are compelling enough.
Would love to try some real NC BBQ, obviously. Very adventurous eaters. Love beer. Love good food of any sort. What is the best Ashville has to offer?

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  1. Do a search, lots of Asheville recs. The Admiral gets a lot of love on here, I haven't had the chance to go there yet. Places I have been and like are Table, Zambra, The Southern, Bouchon, Tupelo Honey and Salsa. 12 Bones is the place to go for BBQ in Asheville.

    1. There isn't any real NC style BBQ to speak of in Asheville. At least no really good places for it. However, the suggestion of 12 Bones is one I echo, but it's not authentic NC BBQ.

      12 Bones is closed after 4:00 on weekdays so I'd plan to go for lunch the next day. They open at 11:00 so you should be able to eat an early lunch and still get to Charleston in the late afternoon.

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        Admiral for dinner, especially if you are adventurous as they have a lot of creative options (menu changes frequently). Make a reservation for dinner even on a week night in advance. Zambra is also fun. Tapas are generally very good, although sometimes there's a dud or two in there. Great atmosphere and cocktails. Corner Kitchen, Rezaz, Mela (excellent Indian in a great location downtown) are also favorites. More casual spots that are good include Tupelo Honey, Early Girl and Sunny Point (all would be good for lunch the next day too...all three swing "southern" in cuisine), and if you really want BBQ we like 12 Bones (get there early) and Luella's. I slighly prefer Luella's, but 12 Bones is a little more unique. But for me personally I'd rather eat at one of the three I suggested before the BBQ spots if I wanted a real taste of "Asheville."

        If you like beer you should also check out Barley's (but don't eat there) and Thirsty Monk. Brusin' Ales is awesome (try the make-your-own 6-pack option) but be can get really expensive! We've dropped some serious cash in there before.

        Corner Kitchen
        3 Boston Way, Asheville, NC 28803

        Tupelo Honey Cafe
        12 College St, Asheville, NC 28801