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Jan 22, 2011 10:09 AM

Norabella in West Dennis

I still fancy this place..a cold Thur. night my date and I had a yummy meal...we shared riccota gnocci bathed in a sea of garlic, portabello, garlic, olive oil, spinach and date had Veal Milanese which he enjoyed. I had a chef special, calamari in a fra diavola sauce with linguini..oh, he added spinach..really made it special at my cool is that?)

My date had an amazing wine but the name escapes me..10 something..

This is a cute spot..great waitress too..she spaced our food, gave us time to chat and let us stay late long after the last guests left. The only downside was the bread was not so amazing...still not loving it..

Make this a must do when in Cape Cod...fabulous..

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  1. Where in West Dennis is Norabella? I never heard of it before, and we spend a lot of time in WD.

    1. Agree. We ate there this past summer and we enjoyed every bit of it. I had a veal dish that was very tender and flavorful. The portion wasn't big, but the quality and taste made up for it.
      I will make this a regular stop each summer from now on.
      This isn't an over-sauced, red-sauce-heavy American-Italian place - - - which for me is a huge plus on the Cape.
      Dare I say - - - best Italian in the Mid-Cape?

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        Norabella is on Rt. 28 and Trotting Park x from Cuffy's. I like it very well.

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          Is that the place that was the old Girardi's ?

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              My friends treated my daughter and I to celebrate her b day. It was a great night. The food continues to tantalize my tastebuds, the service is flawless and the low key ambiance is comfortable and casual. I loved my swordfish and asparagus risotto. We had deep friend ricotta dessert compliments of the chef. The cannoli was amazing as well. Love Norabella.