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Jan 22, 2011 10:02 AM

Small and Funky Wedding Venue

Our date is 9/10/11, and we are only looking at about 20 people. I would really like to do an eclectic restaurant with a view (patio, terrace) to do a short ceremony and then walk inside for a nice sit down meal. Don't need a dance floor or typical fru-fru wedding stuff. Is there anyplace in San Fran that is classy, but won't break the bank? We are thinking on the cheap--about $3000 for the entire day. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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  1. No useful info for you here...but good luck. I wish my recent wedding could have been that small and that cheap. Are you stuck in SF or can you venture outward a bit?

    1. La Mar and Slanted Door have private rooms that hold 20. You could have the ceremony on Pier 7.

      1. Robert's suggestions are good.

        Also, Epic Roasthouse has a patio w/great view + private dining room. I've been there for private events when they've closed off the patio so obviously they're open to the idea (for a fee, I'm sure). Probably not funky enough, though. Very difficult to find funky + classy + view in one restaurant. (You may need to decide which of those two qualities is most important and give up the third.)

        Greens has a view, is kindof funky-but-classy, has a private dining room and wont' break the bank. I went to a wedding there once and it was great. However obv. it's vegetarian, plus I don't know if they have access to a patio space. You could always do the ceremony on top of the hill in Ft. Mason park adjacent, then walk down to the restaurant. There are stairs there that link the parking lot for Greens w/the top of the hills, it's super-easy.

        Murray Circle (at Cavallo Point) could be perfect except it's expen$$ive and across the bridge.

        There is also Sutro's at the Cliff House- breathtaking views + patio + private dining. George Morrone swooped in there to revitalize the kitchen in 2009 and then left. But I haven't been since he's left 've no idea how the food is these days.

        There may also be a possibility for a rooftop (rather than bay/ocean view) experience. Maybe there's a cool hotel that has a rooftop patio that could accommodate you, though I can't think of any good candidates offhand.

        Sutro's at The Cliff House
        1090 Point Lobos Ave., San Francisco, CA 94121

        Epic Roasthouse
        369 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94105

        Murray Circle
        601 Murray Circle, Sausalito, CA 94965

        Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 94123

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          I don't know what the food situation would be like, but my friend considered proposing on the rooftop of Hotel Vitale. They have a few suites with grassy decks big enough to accommodate 20 people. He was going to propose overlooking the Bay Bridge at night and then throw a party in the suite. You could get married up there and then have dinner downstairs or across the street at Boulevard.

        2. You might want to check out Medjool in the Mission. They have a rooftop which can be rented out, you can also do smaller parties in other parts of the restaurant. They may let you get married on the roof and then move downstairs for a seated dinner.

          2522 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

          1. If you take away your request for a view, you get a lot more options. There aren't many eclectic restaurants (or good restaurants) in SF with a few, but there are a lot of great ones with either a patio or a way to do a buyout of the restaurant or a private room. One way to help your search would be to search on Open Table for restaurants that can do large parties or private rooms, and also search for restaurants with a patio or terrace, and cross reference the lists. Foreign Cinema has a great patio space, and if you could rent the whole patio and do a wedding there, it would be fun and unusual. Aziza doesn't have a patio, but would be a lovely space to have a wedding reception if you can use one of the back rooms.

            Foreign Cinema
            2534 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110