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Jan 22, 2011 09:57 AM

Your judgement on my Rome plan

Fellow Chowhounds: I flatter myself in thinking that I know Rome well, and I follow closely the Roman entries on this site. Yet many of y’all know it far better. Here is my plan for dining in Rome next month, looking for local cuisine and /or fine dining. Your yeas and nays welcome:

1. Monday dinner (“lunch” to you Yankees)
I’ll be in the Vatican area, which by experience is a gastronomic wasteland. Yet I ate March 2010 cheaply and reasonable well at IL MOZZICONE DEI F.LLI POGGI, Borgo Pio 180, where I had good liver.

-- Six years ago I ate well DA BENITO E GILBERTO, Via del Falco, 19 Is it open only for supper?
-- And last March I ate very well at DA CESARE, via Crescenzio 13, yet it appears closed on Mondays.

2. Monday supper:
-- Last March I ate very well at VECCHIA LOCANDA, Vicolo Sinibaldi 2. Some of y'all like it as well.
-- I’ve always wanted to try SORA LENA, via Ponte 4
-- Ten years ago I ate well at DA PIPERO, via Monte de Cenci 9 , yet some recent Chowhounds, have not given it a thumbs up.

3. Tuesday dinner (“lunch” to you Yankees)
I’ll spend the morning either at Santa Agnese fuori le Mura or on the Appian Way. Recommendations welcome, because I don’t know these areas well.

Otherwise, I get back inside the walls and make a choice among
– ARMANDO AL PANTHEON Some of y'all like it as well.
– ENOTECA CORSI, Via del Gesù, 87
– AUGUSTARELLO in Testaccio, where I’ve never been. Is it the ne plus ultra for tripe? I really liked TRATTORIA DA OIO A CASA MIA, Via Galvani, 43-45 several years ago.

Yet I pine for outstanding Spaghetti Carbonara, in whatever style it may be prepared. Your suggestions welcome.

4. Tuesday supper
fine dining at Il Convivo, where I’ve always eaten well.

Thanks for your yeas and nays and any other suggestions.

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  1. Several years ago, 2 young American priests who did their seminary studies in Rome told us to try one of their favorite places for carbonara: it was Il Mozzicone on Pio Borgo. We went and had the carbonara, which was quite good. You are right that it is also inexpensive.

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    1. re: CJT

      Thanks, CJT. I’ll note Il Mozzicone. Perhaps there’s hope for this section of Rome!

    2. haven't been to Vecchia Locanda in a long while, but it's still there. I must remember to try it. Went to Agustarello recently and thought it vile. Oio and Corsi are probably as you remember them

      Piperno (not Pipero) is probably fine. They have a large menu and not everything is equally good. Somebody recently reported negatively here on a dish I would never have thought to order in the Roman ghetto, but it's still your best bet for the traditional ghetto menu.

      I'd still be happy to go to Il Convivio. And I'm just back from a fabulous lunch at Grano.

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      1. re: mbfant

        mbfant: I had remembered your earlier mention of Vecchia Locanda and Grano, and so I ate in both places back in March 2010. Both were quite good. Trusting in your judgement, I'll strike Agustarello from my list.


      2. Howdy Sid,
        I'm looking forward to your feedback after your visit.
        Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. Having said that, I'm also fond of some modest places. Al Bric has wine, food and cheese, maybe a better call than Enoteca Corsi for an early supper but you'll have to call it like you see it. Tourists there are mostly Italian. Armando al Pantheon is a fine lunch destination (that's what we Yankees call it). Been there many times. It's reliable, not stellar.
        I would respectfully suggest that you need more pizza in your diet.

        1. A big THANK YOU to those who replied. I've been to Rome many times, and y'all's experience seems to mirror mine. As for places that I haven't tried, I'll strike Augustarello from my list. I'll definitely return to Il Convivio.

          Y'all's advice helps very much. I'll post my experience.

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          1. re: Sid Cundiff

            Just a reminder: Casa Bleve is now a full-service restaurant, no longer a high-end buffet with extraordinary wines. I intend to be there for both lunch and supper come March.

          2. The original comment has been removed