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Jan 22, 2011 09:33 AM

Detroit-style onion bagels - how to make them?

I grew up in the metro Detroit area and was spoiled by the excellent bagels there - dense, chewy interior, crunchy - I mean CRUNCHY - exteriors, and reasonable size, not enormous pillows.

These issues I have seen discussed elsewhere. However there is one major issue that I have not heard anyone else discuss but which is of critical importance. The makeup of the ONION BAGEL.

In New York, where I now live, an "onion bagel" is some kind of horrid mess, essentially a plain bagel coated on the outside with tarry, burned bits of onion. Gross. I'm not sure how people can eat these at all.

A proper onion bagel from my youth is an onion FLAVORED dough. The bagel itself in other words is onion-y with no discernible bits of onion in (or God forbid, ON) it.

I'm wondering how these are made actually? Is it perhaps using Onion flour or onion powder?


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  1. Hey! Did you ever find out this answer? I also grew up in Detroit and bagels there far outway the NY bagels........wanna try making them, too!