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Please Review my restaurant picks

bakerboyz Jan 22, 2011 07:45 AM

I am coming to Paris for the first time for 4 nights and here are some of my restaurant selections for dinner. I would appreciate your comments and whether I should eliminate any or consider others. Thank you.

Les Papilles
Jeanne A
Bistrot Paul Bert or Le Severo for Steak Frites

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  1. Parigi RE: bakerboyz Jan 22, 2011 09:17 AM

    They are all good but 5 such meals is a lot for 4 nights.
    I'd choose 3 meals. My 3 would be
    Les Papilles, preferably lunch. If not open. Then sub with Severo.
    Frenchie, dinner the next day
    Spring, lunch on last day.
    in that order.

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      bakerboyz RE: Parigi Jan 23, 2011 06:18 AM

      I am a little confused as you mention only 1 pick for dinner. We will be there 4 nights, is there some reason why only 1 dinner, do the French eat heavier at lunch time or do my picks serve very heavy meals and therefore you only recommend 1 for dinner? If you will, please clear up my confusion. Thanks.

      1. re: bakerboyz
        Parigi RE: bakerboyz Jan 23, 2011 07:18 AM

        Yes the French typcally do not snack between meals but would have more substantial meals than what north Americans or Asians are used to.
        Plus many of the restos you pick tend toward the hearty.
        For example, after a meal at Les Papilles, you may not want a real meal at the next meal time.
        Plus a place like Spring has multiple courses and is overwhelming in so many respects that you take some time to process your experience.
        The only resto on your list that is not a pigout is Frenchie, not that you would come out hungry...

        1. re: Parigi
          mangeur RE: Parigi Jan 23, 2011 08:41 AM

          Remember that Jeanne A not only allows but suggests that you share orders. One could make a lovely and reasonably sized dinner here by splitting one or more starters/salads and one main. Here is a picture of the main course leg of lamb. Those slices are about 3/4" thick. Lots for one person, fine for two.

        2. re: bakerboyz
          plafield RE: bakerboyz Jan 23, 2011 07:32 AM

          We have found, after a number of years of visiting Paris, that more than 1 real restaurant meal a day is too much and we don't enjoy it. We choose either lunch or dinner as a main meal, mostly depending on the restaurant because some are a much better value at lunch. Some people prefer the main meal at lunch because they don't like to go to bed on a very full stomach. Whether you choose lunch or dinner as your main meal is a personal choice, there isn't a typically French thing to do.

          We almost always do dinner out, the exception being 1 or 2 very high end lunches at Michelin starred places where the lunch menu is a much better value. as opposed to lunch because we consider that our evening entertainment and generally go to dinner around 9:00. If we're doing a restaurant dinner we'll eat pastry for breakfast, a picnic lunch of sandwiches from a great bakery or bread and pate and cheese from one of the many wonderful little specialty shops, and then a restaurant dinner in the evening. If the day is too cold or rainy for a picnic, there are also many wonderful little cafes all around Paris for lunch where one can have a fantastic salad or croque.

          And then we like to have at least one day where we don't do a major restaurant meal at all and spend the whole day just snacking: crepes, lots of pastries, breads and cheese etc.

          If I had 4 nights in Paris, I'd do one high end lunch (Le Cinq 85E lunch menu!) and 2 dinners. From your choices I'd do Frenchie (if I could get rservation!) and Les Papilles. Although for me, I'd want at least one restaurant that offered more menu choices than any of those do.

          1. re: plafield
            bakerboyz RE: plafield Jan 23, 2011 11:37 AM

            My wife really loves steak so a place with excellent steak frites would be wonderful.

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