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Awesome Non Toxic (Ceramic) Fry Pans !

these BIALETTI Ceramica are on sale 50% off this week @ Zellers.
I own 3 and wow they really out-perform teflon and cast Iron.
Even the exterior is non stick! And oven proof!

I adore them! Surface is a glass like finish and non toxic.
But use wood or non scratch to cook and you wont be sorry.

Some of the TV chefs are even switching to ceramic pans now.....
You can see the difference ... looks grey or silver and very smooth.

And, Zellers seems to have them half price every 6 months or so.

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  1. Thanks! I have been hunting some Le Creuset at different stores but this looks like it will do just fine, non-toxic and non stick. Good tip!

    1. Thanks, will try to check out at Zeller's. I just bought a dual pack of Green Pans at Costco for $39.99... How much do the BIALETTI ones go for. Like just to get an idea.. for a 9", 12" fry pan or whatever. Sounds like an interesting product..

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      1. re: ylsf

        12" are regularly 39.99 sale for 19.99 and small are 19.99 down to 9.99 on sale 50%
        They are heavy & deep! You can't miss them in the stores. Deep red exterior and white cook surface.

        1. re: ylsf

          Hey ylsf - what size Green Pans did you buy at Costco? I bought 2 Green Pans at iQ on the Danforth last summer and I *love* them - would love to pick up more. Did they have much of a selection?

          1. re: peppermint pate

            The dual pack from Costco had a 24cm and a 28cm in it. The thing is that I think they are getting low in quantity as my local store didn't have any (or never did) from what I saw but I picked some up at the Mississauga North store. You might have to try more than one location.

            Haven't had a chance to use the Bialetti or the green pan yet.

        2. Thanks! I have an earthchef pan I adore but need more! Actually really need a deep skillet with a lid...

          1. Thanks for that great tip - I wonder if my local Zellers carries them - I'll call them tomorrow!

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            1. re: KitchenVoodoo

              Where is your local Zellers? They should all have them in Ontario. But I went to Gerrard Square on Saturday around 5:45 pm and all they had left were one large pan which was nicked, and 3 small ones, and one of those was damaged. They also had the same series as a complete set of pots and pans for 55% off, plus on the weekend they had 10% more if you use a Zellers or HBC card, plus another 10% on your first purchase using a card. So I got 20% more off on everything I bought after I got a card right at the cashier!

              1. re: foodyDudey

                Yeah, really good deal with the extra 10% off... my location was out of the big pans (Oakville store) but they had about 5 or 6 of the small ones. I got a rain check for the big ones and decided to buy a set too (was around $144 for the set). I am going to try out the small one for a few days and decide if I want to keep the set before using it (which I will likely want to based on OPs review and the very positive reviews I saw on amazon/etc)

                thanks again op!

                1. re: ylsf

                  Let us know how these fare for you.
                  Would be interested if Bialetti's cookware is as good as my time-tested and true stovetop espresso maker.

                2. re: foodyDudey

                  If Zellers ever runs out of an advertised Special The Customer Service Desk will issue rain checks.

              2. Sorry but I had one of the Bialetti ceramic saute pans, and it absolutely sucked! No kidding, I threw it out after only one use. Green pans aren't bad, but if you want a non-stick ceramic pan that really performs pay the extra money and buy EarthChef from The Bay or Zellers. They are a little pricier, however regularly on sale. They have better quality construction and handles and are truly non-stick.

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                1. re: bogie

                  So what exactly did you not like after using it once? The one I bought on the weekend works perfectly.

                  1. re: foodyDudey

                    It was far from non-stick! Even though I used it on medium heat it became encrusted with food particles that seemed to bond with the finish at the molecular level, no kidding! It would not come clean after soaking and scrubbing. I don't know if I got a defective one or what, but I know that I will never buy a Bialetti pan again. BTW, I am a chef and I know how to use the equipment.

                    1. re: bogie

                      I didn't have that problem, the non-stick peoperties of the pan were great. It was very easy to clean up and I'd say you got a dud.

                      It's a frying pan, not a spaceship, I don't think you need to be a chef to use one properly. :-)

                      1. re: foodyDudey

                        Okay, I literally just laughed some coffee up my nose. Great line (coffee inhalation, not
                        so much).

                        1. re: peppermint pate

                          Yes, very funny, I was just making the point that I wasn't abusing the pan. However, I don't find it so humourous when I get a crappy pan that I've paid good money for...

                          1. re: bogie

                            there is a 5 year guarantee on them no ?

                        2. re: bogie

                          well..i just tried to wreck my "rocket ship" to no avail.
                          Its non stick & still awesome ! I love them !

                          I may just get the set ... but I'd have to be careful whipping taters etc
                          "Must use wood or non-scratch utensils"

                          ...have to re think that idea.....

                    2. Hey thanks for this just went to Zellers at the Galleria at Dufferin & Dupont They had a good supply no special signs stil had original price took to cashier and sure enough 1/2 price trying it tonite Thanks Omeghan Miranda

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                      1. re: miranda

                        Yes thanks Omeghan. I got one today at Zellers on the Queensway at half price & will be trying it tomorrow.

                          1. re: Herne

                            The sale probably ended Thursday night, but you can double check. I think it was just for one "flyer" period.

                            So, just to update this thread with my experiences. I used the small fry pan yesterday to make a fried egg.... no fat at all (no oil/butter/etc)... I got the fry pan up to heat and put the egg in and it cooked really nicely and came off effortlessly. I also made an omelette today and again, with no oil, it cooked nicely and came off without sticking (even the cheese didn't stick).

                            The only weird thing is the white surface, cooking the egg was kind of odd because I was use to seeing the white develop when it got more cooked but it was harder to tell with the white background :)

                            I busted out the set I bought too and used the small saucepan to make warm up some tomato sauce... Nothing stuck of course and super easy cleanup.

                            I am wondering if the person who had bad experience with these was using this version (the red ones with white surface) or their other type that I also saw at Zellers that had black surface. I imagine the technology/type is different even though I think the other box said it was "ceramic"... I really like the look of the red/white too... stands out nicely/something different!

                            Although the sale is probably over it sounds like from the OP that the go on sale every few months so worth while to keep an eye out!

                            1. re: ylsf

                              I read the instruction booklet that came with mine , and it said to always use butter or oil when frying so I'm wondering if dry frying will end up ruining the surface.

                              1. re: terrycar

                                oh thanks... I didn't bother to search for the manual in the box and just ripped of the labour off the single pan without reading it. I will keep that in mind. I might try to contact the company and ask them why that is the recommendation too.

                                1. re: ylsf

                                  With the Zellers sale over I think I will buy a small pan tomorrow and see how I like the ceramic pans. I can wait 6 months for a new sale and bigger pans.

                                  1. re: Herne

                                    Well I looked around at Cooks--don't carry Bialetti. None at Bed Bath and Beyond.

                                    Anyone know about the supply at Zellers Thorncliffe

                                    1. re: Herne

                                      I went there earlier this week, and they had some stock. I just found the pans to be so cheap-looking and light (aluminum), that I decided not to get one, in spite of the price.

                                      1. re: Yongeman

                                        the red & white pans are quite heavy for a non-stick!

                          2. re: terrycar

                            ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh you wont be sorry Its a great pan !

                          3. re: miranda

                            my pleasure ..glad you found them!

                          4. Well, I went to Zellers on Friday and bought one even though the sale was over because of the great reviews and because it is urgent that I replace my current worn out pan.

                            I washed the pan and rubbed it lightly with a thin coating of olive oil. I cooked and it worked perfectly.

                            Thanks for the tip!

                              1. How is this ceramic lining different from enamel linings in Le Creuset?
                                My LC's or Staub's have not been non stick.
                                I did buy the Bialetti 28 cm pan from Zellers but had to return it because it would not work on an induction burner. The description on the pan was unclear.
                                The Earth Chef 28 cm pan at $40 clealrly says it will work on induction, so I will wait for a sale.

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                                1. re: jayt90

                                  Bought the 8" one yesterday at Zeller's Thorncliffe Park, paid $19.99, don't think this was on sale , but decided to buy anyway. Used it today, it worked really well, eggs and sausage perfect, easy clean -up. I use a nylon nail brush and dish detergent. Lee Valley sell the nail-brushes, excellent quality. The notes that come with the pan say that it can be washed in the dishwasher. I would not recommend this , dishwasher detergent is very caustic, wash by hand as indicated above

                                  Lee Valley
                                  590 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

                                  1. re: curry lover

                                    I also bought an 8" one at Zellers Thorncliffe and so far have used it for an egg white omelet and a small steak. Works fine. Looks fine and washes up easily. Talked with several friends about Ceramic frying pans and nobody had heard of them. Anyone know why they are relatively unknown at least in my circles.

                                    1. re: Herne

                                      it seems its a new technolgy in pans ... and teflon is a No No ..
                                      I spent literally hours & hours googling before I bought them.... Im hooked

                                    2. re: curry lover

                                      just a sponge & soapy water ..
                                      used mine tonight shrimp fried rice and a quick rinse & clean ...

                                      I love these pans !

                                    3. re: jayt90

                                      That's a good tip, I also have an induction burner.
                                      I think I had assumed that ANY cast iron pan was non-stick but the coating would make a difference. I use cast-iron pans now when I want something that can go in the oven but I need something with a lid.

                                      Any recommendations?

                                    4. Sale until Feb. 3 but at Zellers. Lawrence Square, it was already out of stock. A raincheque is good for a very long time, apparenty.

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                                      1. re: lamaranthe

                                        Further to my previous posts. Cooked pancakes yesterday in my 8 inch Bialetti, they were awesome , slid right out of the pan, no sticking. Clean up was a breeze, 30 seconds, once over with the nylon nail brush and that's it. I have been cooking for half a century and this is the best pan I have ever used and reasonably priced as well. Going to get the larger pan this weekend.

                                      2. Just a quick request that if people have reviews of individual pans, could you please post them on the Cookware board ( http://chowhound.chow.com/boards/41 ) rather than here? There are lots of hounds around the country and around the world who are interested in those reports, and they'll never find them here. Of course, where to get the pans locally is still on topic for this board.


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                                        1. re: The Chowhound Team

                                          I just posted more sales @ Zellers over @ http://chowhound.chow.com/boards/41

                                          re BIALETTI┬« 30 cm Covered Non-Stick Deep Saut├ę Pan & again @ half price

                                          I havent tried these ... a serious google would fill you in

                                          1. re: The Chowhound Team

                                            oooooooooops sorry I didnt know.. I have posted new item over @ boards

                                          2. My biggest concern with non-stick pans is that some use teflon which is not healthy at very high tempertatures. The Bialetti looks like it eliminates this concern, as does the Earth Chef, but the former does not work on induction cooktops while the latter does. Of course, seasoned cast iron is also non-stick and works on both. Ah, what to get as even though I have gas, I will be switching to induction in my next home.

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                                            1. re: Flexitarian

                                              I am in the same boat, I have never used the teflon non-stick because of health concerns. But if you have an induction burner, then it seems like it's cast iron or nothing, that's why I got excited when I saw this post!

                                            2. The best non stick frying pan, used at level 7 or 8 of 10 is the frying pans from Korea with a marble like coating. NO telfon.

                                              Availible at T&T of all places. Goes on sale for $15 to $25 ish.

                                              Try this with ANY other pan: Raw egg cracked in cold pan WITHOUT any oil or butter, turn heat to med or a bit higher, let seat till almost cooked or fully cooked. Maybe lift edges a bit and see if it comes of the pan WITHOUT any residues in the pan.

                                              These Korea pans are amazing.

                                              I have the wok type with a lid from something else, and that is almost the only "pan" I used in the kitchen.

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                                              1. re: stv

                                                These Korean Marble like pans are sale at Galleria this week. The 30 cm fry pan or wok are $19.98
                                                It's called Kitchen Art. Save up to $10.

                                                Bought a wok to try as my non-stick on it's last legs.

                                                1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

                                                  galleria where? that mall at lansdowne and dupont? zellers?

                                                  1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

                                                    After you washed you Wok, give it the cold pan, fry egg test; hope you will be amazed.

                                                  2. re: stv

                                                    i want to get one of these woks. do they have those at T&T too? what's the name of these pans?

                                                    1. re: helenhelen

                                                      They usually have them. You can't miss them, only pans that look like black marble or granite.

                                                      1. re: stv

                                                        thanks! i will go there soon to look for one. about how much does a wok cost?

                                                        1. re: stv

                                                          picked one up the other day and it works like a charm! what exactly is the "marble" coating made of though? it gives very little info on the label. hopefully, it's a safe substance and not something that could be toxic like teflon!

                                                    2. Anyone know whether these are oven-safe?

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                                                      1. re: piccola

                                                        it's got a rubber type handle so it probably isn't

                                                      2. i went looking for this recently at zellers but it's at full price now ($40 for a frying pan). i might wait to see if it gets cheaper later...

                                                        however, they did have a 50% sale on an entire set! unfortunately, i don't need a whole set since my other cookware is perfectly fine.

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                                                        1. re: helenhelen

                                                          i bit the bullet and just bought one at full price cuz i needed a new pan.. and it's amazing so far! it is the most nonstick surface i have ever experienced! it even seems like you could cook with no grease in it and it wouldn't stick.

                                                          1. re: helenhelen

                                                            over time and use, i find the nonstick qualities aren't as good as before. might be that i overheated the pan though. any input about this?

                                                        2. I usually have to toss my frypans after about half a year because the bottom begins to 'warp' (become rounded on the bottom when heated up). I have a glasstop stove so the pan has to be flat, specially since I do a lot of stirfrys on high heat.
                                                          Any comments on how these ceramic pans hold up to this sort of use and whether there is any tendency to warp?

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                                                          1. re: HaveSpoonWillCook

                                                            The ceramic layer is fairly thin, and will adapt to warpage in most cases. So what is important is the a stable, layered base, or cast iron base as in Le Creuset. If the ceramic pan has a thick bottom it should be fine on your stove.

                                                          2. Its now May 2011. Anyone have an estimate as to when Zellers will have its next sale on Bialetti ? My small one 8"(?) has worked wonderfully and I'm ready to buy 2 more larger ones.

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                                                            1. How long have you had the Bialetti?

                                                              1. Went to the Thorncliffe Zellers to get this pan as the branch is closing down, I found a broken handle that used to belong to the Bialetti pans . Upon examining the thick and robust looking handle, I saw that the casting that was part of the pan itself was less than half the diameter of a wooden pencil .Flimsy design and construction .FAIL ... Did NOT buy .

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                                                                1. re: eliisadick

                                                                  Well duh, why would you buy a broken handle?

                                                                  1. re: haggisdragon

                                                                    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA sorry , should have said , did not buy the pan , but Im sure you knew what I meant . lol

                                                                    1. re: eliisadick

                                                                      this is not a good pan. the non-stick properties are no longer good on mine so i am just using my seasoned cast iron pan now

                                                                      1. re: helenhelen

                                                                        Just bought one. I have a 15 year cast iron pan as well. So far, I am impressed with it. Will treat it properly and see where it take me. Got it at a Zellers closing sale.