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Jan 22, 2011 06:17 AM

Cooking Magazines & Online Subscriptions

I have recently stopped many subscriptions of cooking subscriptions because of the cost and my ability to access and peruse recipes, interesting blogs, and food articles online. The only one that has made my budget cut is Cooks Illustrated (although I subscribe online and the print version is risking termination), Bon Appetit, and Fine Cooking. My guilty pleasure subscriptions that are now gone are Rachel Ray (please no bashing, lol) and Food Network. Also gone are Cuisine at Home and Savour which never gave me much enjoyment anyway.

I know for sure Cooks Illustrated online will stay and I buy the annual and specialty books (why?, out of habit) but which subscriptions, online or print are a must?

With so many blogs ( one of my recent favorites and online subscriptions, print seems like a waste of money.

Looking foward to CH's feedback.

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  1. When I married mrs j 30 years ago i came to the marriage with bon appetit and gourmet subscriptions. over the years CI, saveur, cucina and others went into the rotation. today...none. there is so much out there on the net that the value prop of paying has just gone upside down. my ci subsription expired about 5 months ago and the withdrawal is over.

    BTW - thank you for the food52 link...very nice and added to favorites. and it led me to site which has been a great find. another dad teaching his kids to it.