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Jan 22, 2011 06:07 AM

Emergency Dublin help!

Hi, and apologies in advance - have skim read some of the Dublin posts from before, but need some additional help.

My other half has just been given a mega interview in Dublin next Friday so my son and I are flying out after school on Friday to join him and make a weekend of it. We're staying at Clontarf and probably won't get in till late so will just grab a sandwich there for dinner.

But we're free all Saturday...can anyone suggest a nice authentic Dublin day, including some pubs (my son's 17, worry not), non touristy lunch, he'd like to see Trinity College, and we have a dinner booking at Pig's Ear at nice lunch place (if that's a pub, all to the good), afternoon pitstop, pub before Pig's Ear?

Sorry, am normally so much better prepared than this!!! I don't even know what sights we're meant to be seeing apart from the College!

Then on Sunday, guess we'll have breakfast at the hotel, but flght isn't till there anywhere between Clontarf and the hotel for a nice lunch?? Or any sites?

Thanks so much guys!!!


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  1. Helen, one of my best friends lives in Dublin and should know some names for you. He's away on business, but always looks at his email, so I'll inquire. I stayed near Trinity about 2 years ago but our dinner was elsewhere out of that area and nothing special. Tom will know where Clontarf is but I don't know it.

    I'd suggest taking the tour bus that goes all around the city. It's a good way to see lots of sights, including the Guinness tour which is very interesting, plus everyone gets a free brew or soft drink at the end in an amazing 360 degree room up top. The Book of Kells at Trinity is also worthwhile.

    1. Wagamama on Grafton Street is always fun and delicious. Not exactly "Irish," though!

      1. My friend Tom had a few suggestions and comments. He's from London but has worked in Dublin for quite awhile now. He said that you should be near the DART rail system at Clontarf (staying at the castle?) and that line hugs the coast and is an easy way to get around... particularly to Howth which is very worthwhile.  it's a harbour town and worth a trip. The opposite direction is Dalkey and also Dun Laoghaire - these are probably the best destinations for a Saturday.

        Tom says Ragazzi in Dalkey is a fantastic Italian - "do not be deceived by it's looks. The focaccia is fab, the pasta is sublime and the dessert of lemon tort - fantastic! The Pigs Ear is great.  Temple Bar one evening is worth a visit."

        Hope this helps...

        1. If you want "authentic" Irish, go to Gallagher's in Temple Bar. It's touristy, but they serve boxties and bread pudding and keep a peat fire going...Speaking of touristy, listening to the trads at Oliver St. John Gogarty's across the street afterwards is a must-do. It's nothing like the authentic trads you'll get if you go out West, but it's tons of fun and they serve good beers on tap.

          If you're a foodie -and if you're here you are =) - go to Sheridan's Cheesemongers off Grafton Street (I think Anna St?) and get a selection, then go to Bewley's or Dunnes for some brown bread or scones (but if anyone has a better bakery suggestion, jump in - they're just on Grafton and convenient) and have a wee picnic in St. Stephen's Green. Top it off with whiskey and/or champagne truffles from Butler's on the corner near the entrance to the green. My favorite way to spend an afternoon in Dublin!

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            I think Butler's chocolate is one of the best I've ever tasted! I've never looked for it in London, but I guess it's sold somewhere.

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              They'll ship to the states as well- I've been tempted many times, but since I live on the West Coast, shipping is just too much of a killer. East Coast people, however, may find it worth it...

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                Thanks thursday. I'll have to find their website since England is a lot closer than the East Coast U.S. I don't much like shipping anything to the States these days. It took a month for my grandkids in Redmond to get their holiday gifts - they arrived last weekend. :-)

          2. Not strictly Irish at all, and it is stuck down one end of Temple Bar, but would be a great spot for breakfast/brunch or lunch. My last visit was about 4 years ago, so cannot vouch for what it is like now, but have recommended it to friends and they have liked it. Certainly a great place for a Sunday morning, post-Guiness brunch before you head home. The buffalo chicken wings are the best I have ever had!