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Jan 22, 2011 05:43 AM

Best Online Dried Fruit...?

I'm looking for good-quality dried fruit, especially cherries and blueberries. It seems the grocery store stuff has an objectionable oily taste. Does anyone have a favorite online source? Or a favorite Central Texas source? Thanks! Jen

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  1. I like nutsonline , have not tried the blueberries but love the cherries. Their service is really good I guess you don't have Trader Joe's? their dried cherries are quite good.

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      No, no Trader Joe's here. Thanks, though, I'll check Nutsonline out.

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        Ditto on great products, great customer service and pretty fast shipping, but I'm not far away from them, so maybe that's why my last package, ordered on Thursday and shipped on Friday, arrived on Monday. Their whole dried cranberries are much better than Craisins or any other sweetened dried cranberry product I've had.

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          Another satisfied Nutsonline customer here.

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            I like TJ in general and actually have some of their berries now, but they do have a fair amount of extra oil (I think sunflower) and sugar added.

          2. I really like Meduri World Delights (, with a caveat- I eat dried fruit as a substitute for sugary candy, so I like my dried fruit sweet. My favorite concoction of theirs is something called a "razzcherry", it's dried cherry blended with raspberry juice (and sugar, I think), so it's closer to a glaceed than a dried fruit. I love 'em, but may not be up your alley unless you have a sweet tooth like me. That being said, they have a ton of other selections, included dried peaches, citrus, even sugar plums. Shipping is expensive, but they periodically offer free-shipping deals once you're on their list.

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              You didn't mention dried apricots, but if they are your thing, Apricot King products are super fresh and delicious. I have 3 bags in my freezer for all sorts of uses (& eating straight out of the bag).

              1. I have been buying from for a few years and like them very much. Reading through this thread just spurred me to buy from nutsonline, though--I am out of dried peaches, so I just went to re-order from and discovered that they no longer sell them! :-0

                1. Since you specifically mentioned dried cherries, here's a older thread on where to purchase them, with a few recommendations and links to MIchigan producers/vendors: