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Jan 22, 2011 01:49 AM

Trinity and The Pope - Asbury Park

Finally made it there last night for dinner. We arrived a bit earlier than our dining companions so we took advantage of the happy hour specials at the bar and had a couple of $5 hurricanes that were very good. I could see hanging out at the bar there and drinking/nibbling.
We started by sharing an order of Jalapeno Beignets with crawfish cream sauce. We liked the sauce more than the beignets, as they were the dense and chewy kind instead of the light and airy kind, but overall I would definately eat some again. Our next share was maybe the best dish of the night - BBQ shrimp and grits. Spot on in every way. I really wish I had some more right now. We also shared some gumbo and jambalaya. Both were good and spicy, and a bit different, which I liked. I make jambalaya all the time so a bit of a unique take on it was appreciated.
For mains we shared the chicken and a salmon special and then we also shared a few desserts which were all good.
Not typical NO preparations, but a welcome addition to the Asbury dining scene. Also nice that they are on so we got $50 off our meal.

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  1. Thanks Seal. I was waiting for a trusted hound to review the restaurant before giving it a try. I'll add it to the list. Thanks.

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      Also know that on Tuesday's the entire menu is half-off. They have "toned down" the spiciness of many of their dishes on their new menu. I was there a couple of Tuesday's ago and had a wonderful meal; ask for the potato chips that come with the spicy remoulade sauce....I have yet to have a bad meal there, but I must say the beignets are dense/doughy and can be hit or miss.

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        i have to say just like the rest of Marilyn's restos i find Trinity to be very hit or and service incredibly inconsistent....i have on a couple of instances had to send our food back...drinks however are very good....honestly, i'd go sit at the bar for a good martini and nibble on the potato chips and then go across the street to Taka!

    2. I had the shrimp and grits too. Man, they good.
      We had good service too.