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Jan 22, 2011 01:15 AM

Vegan/Kosher Alcohol Options

I am in the midst of wedding planning, and am attempting to find vegan and kosher alcohol companies and options, as our maid of honor is Hindu, and our best man is Jewish. If possible, I would prefer vegan/kosher options that are also organic as well. I honestly have absolutely no experience or knowledge of such alcohols so any help is most appreciated.
Thank you all in advance!!!

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  1. ask them what they can and cannot drink...and what they recommend or even like. There are so many different rules to people's faith-based dietary guidelines that there's no way you're going to guess correctly.

    I've run afoul of this with kosher wine, which is a particularly messy can of worms...just ask.

    1. Pretty much any kosher wine you get will be vegan. Here is a list of kosher wines that are also organic.

      But as Sunshine said, you really need to talk to your maid of honor and best man. Alcohol issues go well beyond vegan and kosher. Some Hindus will not drink alcohol period. Your best man may want a kosher wine that is also "mevushal".

      Beyond wine, most unflavored vodkas, rums, and bourbons should be ok. Some scotchs may be an issue depending on the barrels used, but many Jews will drink any scotch, so again you need to ask your best man.

      Finally, are you using a caterer? If you have a kosher caterer, their restrictions will often be more strict than your best man's. So you need to make sure what you get is approved by the caterer.

      1. isn't most alcohol vegan? i guess you should steer clear of mexcal with a worm in the bottle, but you're safe with kosher wines! other alcohol doesn't even have to be kosher certified: most beers, bourbons, gins, vodkas and white/silver tequilas are considered kosher (i'm probably missing something).
        but these people are your best friends, why not ask them?

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 would be helpful if you could tell us what large City you are in or near so that someone could direct to a good wine store with a large kosher section.

          As for the other questions...kosherfoodies said it best

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            I apologize for not neglecting to include that information. I live in Longview,TX which is located near both Dallas, and Shreveport. I suppose if need be we could also travel to Houston as well.The main reason is my wedding cake recipe calls for alcohol; and while doing some research discovered some alcohols use nasty things like fish bladders to filter their product amongst other disgusting items as well. Hopefully the info I have given you will help.

            1. re: BGV91

              Not all alcohol is kosher. Some beer is kosher, some is not. Some liqueurs are kosher; some are not. Some are kosher from one processing plant but not from another.

              Not all Hindus drink alcohol.

              Ask your friends...they are the only ones who know the rules that they personally follow. Different rabbis, different synagogues, even different families have different rules for how kashrut should be kept, and there's no way you're going to guess it.

              1. re: sunshine842

                99.99% of beer is kosher. The number of non-kosher beers in the world can probably be counted without taking off ones shoes and socks. Quite possibly without taking off ones mittens.

                The fish bladder thing applies AFAIK only to beer -- and to many non-alcoholic fruit juices. But it does not affect kashrut, because it's all filtered out. For the same reason it probably doesn't affect vegan status either; but there may be some vegetarians/vegans/hindus who would object to benefiting in any way from a fish's death.