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Jan 22, 2011 12:58 AM

chesepeak,va 23320 brunch and dinner Help

Planning on visiting some relatives who are cheap and not foodies.I would appreciate a couple of places to eat on my short stay. I would prefer seafood restaurant as well as place for brunch as well as good old southern / soul food dinner .

on drive back to Raleigh, north carolina any thing off highway i must stop at

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  1. On Tuesday night, Bullies features .35 cent steamed shrimp and $1.50 domestic beers; on Thursdays it is wings and domestics. (23320 zip)

    Pirates Cove is a decent and reasonably priced seafood restaurant. (23320 zip)

    The Courthouse Cafe is a very established local restaurant with a good variety menu. (close by in the 23322 zip)

    There are a couple of Kelly's Taverns in that 23320 area. Basic American pub fare.

    Can't think of anything to mention along Rt. 58 or I-85 towards Raleigh.

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      Also, if you come down by route 460 out of Petersburg, VA, you might want to stop in at the Virginia Diner for that old style country Virginia food. Cowlings BBQ is also on Rt. 460 which is very good.

      Virginia Diner
      Highway 460, Wakefield, VA 23888

    2. On your drive back, you might want to take Highway 13 to Highway 11 to 64 and stop by Blackbeard's BBQ in Conetoe (near Rocky Mount). One of the few quality BBQ joints open on Sunday, if that's your travel day. Closed Monday - Wednesday.

      1. The Broken Egg Bistro in Chesapeake puts out a great brunch but you have to be willing to wait for it. It is always packed and for good reason.

        The Broken Egg Bistro
        501 Kempsville Rd Ste C, Chesapeake, VA 23320