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No Soul - what now?

Being a Seattleite, years went by before I went to Alligator Soul, in Everett, but when I finally got there it was damn like being back in Alabama. Jambalaya a little purified for the true South, but much better than others of this coast. I see Everett in my schedule for February, and wonder if there is any other great venue I can kill by my visit?

Alligator Soul
3121 Broadway, Everett, WA 98201

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  1. Mr. Nelso, I was sad to hear they had closed as well. (Although I never get to Everett, I used to frequent their Greenlake location when it was open.) Toulouse Petit, located at the base of Queen Anne hill, has been providing some excellent Southern and Creole dishes. Their shrimp & grits are wonderful as is their spicy fried chicken gumbo. For more edgy offerings try Tuna Tartare or Helix snails. With over 70 happy hour offerings, you'll not leave hungry.

    Queen Anne Cafe
    2121 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

    1. Celtic Bayou in Lynnwood is not bad. Marimba in Everett is great for unique spicy south american food instead of Cajun.

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        My room-mate's friend reported to me tonight that Alligator Soul closed down their Everett location, and then subsequently re-opened in Lynnwood. I have yet to confirm this. Personally, I haven't been yet, but am really hoping that the rumor is true, as I was dying to try it.

        Alligator Soul
        3121 Broadway, Everett, WA 98201

      2. Nor Everett that I know of, but one in downtown Olympia. It's right across from the old capital building and park off of Soquel I think?

        1. Where Ya at Matt! http://www.whereyaatmatt.com/. This is actually a food truck but real deal delicious food. The shrimp and grits, yum but the gumbo is the best!!

          1. Apparently the original owners moved to Savannah, GA in 2001 and have a restaurant by the same name there.

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              Try not to worry.
              Soon enough, they'll be back.

            2. I like where ya at matt for his New Orleans food though not sure it would hit your craving.

              1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think mrnelso is looking for Cajun or Creole food recommendations - rather, I think he's looking for recommendations for other good places in Everett.

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                  I like two cheap Mexican places that are very close to one another on Casino Road in Everett. Casa El Dorado, which is a tortilleria and taqueria, and also El Pollo Rico (Loco?), which serves a good roast chicken (and standard tacos).

                  El Pollo Rico
                  209 W Casino Rd, Everett, WA 98204

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                    Cajun/Creole sounds good, but also other tastes in Everett - thanks

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                      my everett go to spots are the majestic cafe on hewitt ave. definitely try the chocolate cake if they have it for dessert. and the depot smokehouse on mcdougall near the event center. real good bbq.

                  2. Well, it's not a restaurant, just a bar with really good food (including Where Ya At, Matt's Andouille) and NO-style cocktails, but there's Le Bon Ton Roulet in the DMZ between Fremont and Ballard. Good happy hour prices and uncommonly friendly service. I haven't tried too many of their food offerings, but what I have tried is good. Kittie, the owner, is great and has made a real positive change in the physical space.

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                      We went there last night to see Orville Johnson and try the food. The Jambalaya was quite good. Mostly eating in the Northwest, I know nothing about what's genuine or not in La Bon Ton Roule's Jambalaya, but there was a lot to like here. It was spicy, with tasty, toothsome shrimp, big forkful chunks of fresh cod. Good light, good scents, good food, good music We will definitely return, to explore the rest of the menu and listen to some more music in this excellent performance space. The tiny dance-floor behind the piano cracks me up, but serves this small house just fine.