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Sushirrito (Asian fusion burrito) SF SOMA

I read on EaterSF about Sushirrito (Asian fusion burrito) with One Pound of Food. Each Sushirrito is large enough for a meal. Price range $8-$10.50. Who's tried it?

59 New Montgomery St
(between Jessie St & Stevenson St)
San Francisco, CA 94105

Menu online:

They are on FB, Twitter, Yelp

Mon-Fri 11 am - 3 pm.

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  1. I wanted to try it all last week but the lines were crazy long. My last attempt was 2:05 pm Friday and there were still almost 20 people waiting. It's been on 7x7, Thrillist, etc. in addition to Eater so it's no wonder. Would be great to hear from someone on this board to see if the crowd's worth braving.

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      I've been waiting for a report before standing in that queue as well. Maybe best to wait until the brouhaha dies down.

    2. I braved the line for the good of the community. I'm eating a mamacita roll right now -- tuna, Japanese gourd, tobiko, cucumber, marinated shiitakes, crumbled rice chips, daikon radish, and green onion. All wrapped up with sushi rice and nori. It's a beast, a $10 beast.

      The ingredients all taste fresh and good, though I think it needs some contrast -- I'm missing a wasabi kick or something. And honestly, while it's arguably healthier than a burrito, ingredient-wise, can this much food ever be considered healthy? It's a pound of maki, basically.

      We got there at about 11:30 (they open at 11) and there was already a line out the door, as far as the alley past the Crunch gym. They have the nori and rice prepped, but they're making the rolls to order (happy about that).

      It'll be a good lunch option, an alternative for me to Mixt Greens or the crepe stand, once the line calms down. It's take-out only, no place to sit.

      Mixt Greens
      114 Sansome St Ste 120, San Francisco, CA 94104

      59 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105

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        One of my curiosities was about wasabi. So there's no side cup or packet (or ginger for that matter) provided along with the giant roll?

        I don't mind $10 for a beast; that's what a salad costs at Mixt Greens (or more) and this sounds like I could eat half and put the rest away for later and it would hold up well. Can't say that about a pre-tossed salad.

        Regardless, thanks for the report!

        1. re: Frosty Melon

          There are purportedly sauces customized for each roll, mamacita was supposed to come with "Mexican kabayaki" -- but it didn't have a very noticeable flavor.

          I wish I had put half away for later.

      2. Ahh, so that's what the line was about!

        Probably not much chance I'll be in that line (just the size of the line & the meal is a bit much, plus sushi is something I am neutral on at best) but if a friend who's more into sushi than I am wanted to give it a go, I'd probably split it with them to give it a shot.

        1. FWIW, the standard Mission burrito almost always contains at least a pound of food. 7x7 did a burrito taste test in this month's issue and they ranged from the skimpiest at Chipotle (1.25 pounds) to El Farolito's (1.67 pounds).

          1. I only had to wait about 10 minutes (at around 1:45pm). Got the Buddha Boy (vegan option) and was quite happy with it.

            1. I know people who rave about this place. But these are also people who rave about chain res. They're not adventurous eaters and don't like the places I suggest for lunch. I personally don't like sushirrito; I think it's a rip. I think the wraps are mostly lettuce and filler with no real substance. But I think to them it's more of the "hip factor". I don't care about this, glad to read your responses from earlier.

              1. it's not terrible, but it doesn't have the efficiency of a taqueria, with the long waits to get your food even after you order.

                i also wish they would switch to a tortilla rather than seaweed, seaweed isnt' meant to be torn with your teeth, so when you bite into it, your teeth sink pretty far down into the burrito before it breaks.

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                1. re: vulber

                  Definitely agreed on the seaweed use. I also find specks of it on my hands after eating it.

                  But I don't agree on the wait -- it's been my experience that the lines only look long and it all moves along quickly.

                  Overall I do like it, but it only appeals to me every couple of weeks. I couldn't eat there much more often than that.

                  1. re: Frosty Melon

                    i don't work in the area; but if i did, i see very little reason to go there instead of the sentinel

                    1. re: vulber

                      Last couple times folks from work have gone to Sushirrito, I've just quietly left the group while they're ordering and picked up my lunch at Sentinel.

                      I agree with a previous comment - too much filler (rice, way too much cucumber) for the price.

                      59 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105

                      1. re: nsheth

                        Sentinel? Do tell, that sounds interesting.

                        1. re: isewinsf

                          Lots of reviews on Sentinel on the board here. Here's a link to their site / menu -


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                    so it's basically an uncut oversized maki sushi? they should just take a few more seconds and cut it . . . but i guess that wouldn't go with their "...rrito" fusion name.

                  3. The one time I tried it, I didn't like the mayonnaise (a bizarre addition I thought), and not being able to get extra soy sauce or any changes at all was a little odd. It seemed rather rigid in ordering.

                    1. Bumping up this thread, since I ate here last week. Dining companion and I split to rolls:

                      Salmon Samba was tasty, and I thought the flavors of the salmon and wasabi mayo worked well with the seaweed wrapper. I liked the crunch of the tempura (although I didn't even realize till re-reading the menu that it was asparagus in there). I'd order this again.

                      Porkivore was less successful - it was just seemed to be too random a combination of ingredients. Pork belly wasn't particularly tender, the cole slaw didn't have much bite, and I didn't even notice any cheese. These flavors didn't mesh well with the seaweed wrapper, either. I would have rather eaten this in a tortilla.

                      The line was somewhat long, but things moved quickly. So the good news is that they seem to have a good system in place. The rolls were quite filling, which is good since they're on the expensive side. After eating half of each of the above, I felt quite full.

                      Here's a picture of the salmon samba.

                      Dave MP