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Jan 21, 2011 07:09 PM

where to have dessert

We want to take the kids to Boston bowl family fun center and plan on going to Kelly's roastbeef for lunch first. My husbands want to get something for dessert on the way home. We live in RI. Where do you recommend for dessert between the bowling center and RI? We are looking for a sit down place, doesn't have to be a restaurant with only dessert. Just looking for a restaurant with plenty of options. Maybe cake, pies and icecream.

Thank you

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  1. For something different, maybe you'd like to try one of the Chinese bakeries in Quincy MA on your way back down to RI. Crown Royal Bakery is the one I know well in Quincy, and they are fine, but someone with more knowledge of Quincy could probably chime in with more recommendations.

    Crown Royal Bakery
    11 Brook St, Quincy, MA

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      If you're going to Boston Bowl, make sure you stop off at Phillips Candy House next door for some chocolates "to go" - they have great fudge (penuche is my fave) & turtles. Pegmeister mentioned that the's still a Brighams opened in Quincy, so if you're in the mood for a great hot fudge sundae after bowling, that's an idea. Can't remember if Ivy's in Braintree has any seats, but if they do, it's not too far away from the highway (Fratelli's does have seats but it's out of the way for your trip). Plus, you can always stop in at the South Shore Plaza for some "retail therapy" if you go to Ivy's.

      1. re: southie_chick

        Brighams in Quincy (Wollaston) is still open, and I agree it would be hard to pass up the Phillips House for Chocolates. My current favorite is the chocolate covered cherries, a few in white chocolate a few in milk and a few in dark chocolate. I also thought of O'Briens bakery but not sure if they have tables at the new location it's also convenient to the expressway. They have some incredible donuts and mocha cakes. Not much help I know but I'm having a hard time thinking of places with a wide assortment, most restaurants have just a few.

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          OMG Peg - I was gonna post asking you about O'Briens - you read my mind! I can think of places that do pastry OR ice cream but none I can think of that does both.

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            O'Briens is an office favorite, we always got donuts there on Fridays when they were in Wollaston. The new location is even closer to the office. Surprisingly, even though we pick up our donuts early they have actually run out of the jelly donuts. Lovely people and I hope they will do well. They put a lot of love into their product.